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28 Novembre 2008 10:29  

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interesuva me kak moga da si prevejdam ot castellano na Valenciano.Jiveia v obl.Valencia.Sinat mi u4i v takova u4ilichte 4e vsi4ki u4ebnici sa na tozi dialekt.Nemojem michto da razberem,bez prevod.Ti mojech li da mi pomognech
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17 Gener 2009 17:01  

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I am writing you regarding a problem I have encountered lately. For a reason I cannot understand, I do not receive notifications in my email inbox for all my translations. It is frustrating as I cannot keep up with the comments refering to my translations. For example, in the case ofI love Romaniathis translation, I had no idea about the last 4 comments made - I only read them now(and found out the the translated had been rejected), when, for no specific reason, I went to just check its status.
I hope I make sense in my describing the issue.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. I appologise if I didn't get the internal link right; I'm still learning...
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