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25 Març 2006 17:48  

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Hi jp, I went through and I translated some in Croatian languages. I hope it help.

27 Març 2006 09:09  

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As there isn't any Croatian expert, it could have been very long to validate your transaltions
As I trust you, I have validated them.
Your translations are done very carefully, thanks a lot for your help ^_^. I've noticed several little things to correct for the next translations you do :
- keep the variable %s, %t, %s [1] [/1] etc.. in the translations as they are dynmially replaced by usernames or other things.
- keep the same punctuation as the text to be transalted (no point if there isn't a point)
- sometimes you translated the comments instead of the main text.
- when you have several way to translate, you can enter the best choice in the translation main field and enter the other choice in the commetn field.
- when you need more context, don't translate imeediatly, post a message about the transation to ask for more context.

27 Març 2006 12:20  

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Thanks jp, now its clear like water!! And don't worry I will be more carefull with the variable and punctuation.