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2007년 8월 3일 13:33  

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Det var 1979, men det här är ungefär 2005:

Jag översatte den redan men det finns fel i din finska som måste korrigeras först (och jag vill fundera lite också). Skall kolla texten också från sångboken jag har...

2007년 8월 4일 10:53  

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Tack, you're helpful!

2007년 8월 4일 13:13  

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Hello Porfyhr!
Well, here is the link
You can link a message by adding the [img] thumbnail code of it inside the [url] of the original one.

2007년 8월 4일 14:09  

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Hello Porfyhr, no, "technical language" is not asked...

It's a little bit hard to explain, but I try...

Go here
In the title, you write what the project "is" (popular sentences)...
Under the title, you write the "presentation" of the project (This project was created to group the repetitive translation requests in just one place. You will...)
You check the languages you want to be translate (example) and the "permissions" (check "Members"


In that page, you check "all translation" left
Choose English, and now you can import the sentences/texts simply clicking on "Edit"

My project was created by JP, because I wasn't capable to do it

PS, thanks for your translations!


2007년 8월 4일 15:25  

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It needs more context.

Maybe "transmission gear needs assist(ance)" ?

Anyway it's not so clear. I hate such requests.

2007년 8월 5일 12:52  

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2007년 8월 6일 20:56  

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you can put the normal [img] code in the place of the link like:
[url=link][img=thumbnail link]Image description[/img ][url ]

2007년 8월 7일 06:11  

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Hi Jim

Yes, I do want to start it in Swedish too. My real hope is to see it in as many languages as possible in able to reach as many parents or adult survivors as possible, wherever they may be in the world.

I've chosen to add on Swedish in case any of your patients decide to come and join us They willl feel "at home" straight away if they can read in their natural tongue rather than have to work things out from the English.

I hope we will end up with members from all over the planet, and that no one will ever spend 45 years believing they are alone in the world to cope with this condition (as I did).

Vänligen (this means 'gentle'?)

2007년 8월 8일 14:54  

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Hi Jim,

I would be delighted to have some more of the TFD texts translated to Swedish.

If you give me your email address I can send you some stuff not just to translate, also just to share.

Concombre à la crême is a recipe with thin slices of cucumber in a cold suace made with fresh cream, lemon juice, garlic and mint. It's a very fresh taste in the summer. Its easy to do and it looks pretty.

Maybe I could send you some concombres à la crême by email?


2007년 8월 9일 12:22  

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No, I can't erase already-done translations!
I think only JP can.

2007년 8월 9일 12:24  

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Here it is...what's the problem?

2007년 8월 9일 15:26  

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Yes, I need. Please. also today I finished all translation request from English to korean ^^ But still I need.. Thank you for your precious help

2007년 8월 9일 18:24  

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yes, I would like to participate your project, but I can't see english. I did as you taught me. Very unfortunantly there are no much translations from english to korean, so I can't get enough points. So I wish I can find some way. I will wait your answer (-:

2007년 8월 10일 05:31  

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Yes, now I can. I will translate one by one, and as much as I can. Also I wish you can donate some point more or later, because I finished all translate from English to korean, and korean to English, I don't have more translations which I can get points. Anyway it's up to you. I will enjoy your project and do my best. Have a good day.

2007년 8월 10일 20:08  

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Wow - you've been busy! I just got through looking at the stack of English translations you did while I was messing with photoshop!

2007년 8월 10일 20:53  

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Thank you!

2007년 8월 11일 17:21  

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Hello, Porfyhr,
I saw your notification on a couple of translations stell did, and as stell is a quite assiduous member at cucumis (gone in holidays and she just came back after a couple of months break/pause.

It would be nice if you'd send her a PM, because Latinists aren't so many as good as she is in translations from french or another Latin language into Latin.

She's a nice member from cucumis, same generation as Nava91,turkishmiss,tristangun,Chrysso91, Cisa*, Kellie, and other assiduous translators.

("to be read loud with André Malraux's voice tessiture and vibrato" : "These young people are the "forces vives" and they are very precious, "of great import" , valuable, serviceable, so let's cherish and protect them, like the blood of our blood..."

I already sent her a PM and told her I'll reject her translation with a rating that wouldn't harm her average rating. But there is another possibility and I'll ask JP in a cc under your notification.

2007년 8월 11일 19:55  

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Thank you!

2007년 8월 11일 21:12  

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Hi Porfyhr

Where is "Heja! Kom igen!"? Do you have the link?

What is modo?

2007년 8월 12일 08:15  

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OK, tack so mycket!
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