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25 September 2018 09:55

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This is an unbelievable motivating article color switch

8 September 2017 09:29

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Main Solutions to Fix Skype Screen Sharing Not Working:

Solution 1: To begin with thing's first: If you can't interface or utilize a particular Skype include, check for the Skype Heartbeat page. You can get to this page by tapping the Help menu in Skype and choosing Heartbeat (Skype Status), or by simply accessing the URL in your web program.

Heartbeat page advises you of Skype's framework status – if there are any issues with Skype's foundation, you'll see them here. In the event that there is an issue, sit tight for Skype to fix it and take a stab at associating later.

Solution 2: Guarantee that you are using the Skype's latest version that supports screen sharing. Furthermore, it is in like manner basic that the other party is moreover using the latest Skype, or otherwise it is senseless to have a go at doing it.

Solution 3: Maybe you are not in either a video call or a voice call. Remember that "screen sharing" catch just winds up recognizably intuitive when you are in a call. If the screen sharing decisions are turned dark out, it just means you're not in a voice or video call. On occasion, Skype screen sharing may truly work without satisfactory hardware, however the result is ordinarily unpleasant playbacks, a reshaped screen and predictable hardening. In case these signs are dependable when you screen-share, notwithstanding all that you'll need to upgrade your gear to improve the experience. If you don't fathom what your framework affiliation speed is, contact your Internet expert center for that information.

Solution 4: Some of the time, the Skype screen sharing issues are in actuality on your contact's end. In the event that you're using a more up and coming type of Skype and your contact is using a more prepared variation that doesn't support screen sharing, it won't work. Since a snappy and compelling framework affiliation is required to screen share, the component won't work if your contact is not using a framework affiliation that meets the base exchange and download transmission limit speeds. Before screen sharing, constantly check with your contact to choose whether he's fit for using the component. In the event that you're using conflicting variations of Skype, ask for that he present the latest shape so you both can value the focal points that went with screen sharing.

Solution 5: On Skype application, you can confer the screen to one individual to no end. In any case, Skype Premium, a paid participation, is required for social event bestowing to no less than two people. Accumulate calling and screen sharing won't work without a predominant participation. If you have to social occasion call and offer your screen with various contacts, consider climbing to one of Skype's various extraordinary enrollment organizes.

4 Mai 2016 14:26
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Vesna J.
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One Little own correction: I should have written: "...desto wniger blutet man im Krieg.". SORRY!!!

25 Februar 2016 09:44

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Dyke said the actuality 150 athletes were reportedly detained, and some of them allegedly tortured, in the deathwatch of the insurgence was itself a bulk for concern, no bulk whether Salman was abandoned complex or not.“I anticipate there is an action about Bahrain,” the Football Affiliation administrator said during a agitation on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC programme. “No one denies there were violations of animal rights fifa 16 points account involving sportsmen and footballers that went on four years ago. No one denies that. The abnegation is over whether or not he was involved.“The catechism is, does it bulk whether or not he was involved, or is it the fact, can you access anyone from Bahrain active apple football, in allegation of apple football, accustomed what happened there four years ago? I abandoned access my doubts.”

Salman, who became the AFC admiral in 2013, has the abutment of his amalgamation and the Amalgamation of African Football, admitting it may not construe into abetment from all 54 affiliate associations.He has insisted he could acceding “one actor per cent” that no footballers or athletes were angled afterward the demonstrations 5 years ago and has said, afore the vote a allotment of Fifa’s 209 associates on 26 February, that he has “no fifa 16 coins skeletons in the closet”.Salman’s abutting amateur is the Uefa accustomed secretary, Gianni Infantino, who autonomous to angle afterwards the Uefa president, Michel Platini, was abeyant afresh banned for eight years over a £1.35m “disloyal payment” from Blatter.Enjoying the ultimate soccer game from

18 Februar 2016 08:56

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After the new FIFA Amphitheater Assurance and Aegis Regulations went into aftereffect on 1 January 2013, FIFA started to authority bounded seminars aloft all fifa 16 coins Affiliate Associations in mid-2014 in adjustment to alternation civic aegis admiral on the new regulations. So far these seminars accept been captivated in CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC and CAF regions (link to account on continuously beforehand the akin of account that can be offered to Affiliate Associations and Bounded Organising Committees, FIFA's Aegis Analysis is currently analytic to enlarge and enhance its basin of accomplished FIFA aegis admiral by identifying, recruiting and deploying changeable aegis officers.

By analytic for admiral who accept a accomplishments and able acquaintance in the aegis acreage that are nominated and accustomed by their corresponding Affiliate Association, FIFA is analytic to beforehand a broader abject of aegis admiral to serve domestically and abroad. As the alleged changeable aegis admiral will be assigned? to FIFA's competitions, they will afresh fifa 16 points account in acknowledgment be in able to added officiate aural their Affiliate Affiliation and even conduct aegis trainings aback home, which offers a win-win bearings for anybody involved.When the FIFA Aegis Analysis started the bounded seminars in 2014, all of the candidates that were articular to accommodated the requirements were male.The latest news about fifa 16 in

2 Februar 2016 09:11

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Each anniversary FIFA Ultimate Aggregation assembles the best players from all-embracing fifa 16 points account and club antagonism about the world. This accumulating of players is accessible to claiming in FUT.Manchester City defeated Crystal Palace 4-0 and are aural a point of the advance in the Barclays Premier League. Sergio Agüero denticulate alert and helped to start-up David Silva’s ambition in the 84th minute. City’s next bout is on Saturday if they biking to Upton Park to face off adjoin West Ham.

On Sunday, Real Madrid connected their acceptable ways, acquisition Sporting Gijón 5-1. They saw assembly from all three of their amount players, with Karim Benzema scoring two goals and earning one assist.Later that day, FC Barcelona ashamed Athletic Bilbao 6-0. Luis Suárez had three goals and an abetment in the win cheap fifa 16 points account. Atlético still advance the table afterward their 0-3 achievement over Las Palmas. Barcelona sits two credibility aback with Real a added two credibility abaft them.

Starting XI

GK: Stéphane Ruffier – AS Saint-Etienne (France)

LB: Filipe Luís – Atlético de Madrid (Spain)

LB: Charlie Daniels – Bournemouth (England)

LB: Bram van Polen – PEC Zwolle (The Netherlands)

RM: Carlos Sánchez – Monterrey (Mexico)

RM: Cristian Ansaldi – Genoa (Italy)

LM: Christian Eriksen – Tottenham Hotspur (England)

ST: Wayne Rooney – Manchester United (England)

ST: Sergio Agüero – Manchester City (England)

ST: Karim Benzema – Real Madrid (Spain)

ST: Luis Suárez – FC Barcelona (Spain)


GK: Daniel Bentley – Southend United (England)

RB: Rubén Pe?a – CD Leganés (Spain)

CB: Serdar Aziz – Bursaspor (Turkey)

CAM: Gary Harkins – Dundee FC (Scotland)

ST: Gary Hooper – Sheffield Wednesday (England)

ST: Abel Hernández – Hull City (England)

ST: Steve Mounié – N?mes Olympique (France)


GK: Samir Handanovi – Inter (Italy)

RB: Carvajal – Real Madrid (Spain)

ST: Antoine Griezmann – Atlético de Madrid (Spain)

ST: Kévin Gameiro – Sevilla FC (Spain)

ST: Paulo Dybala – Juventus (Italy)

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25 Januar 2016 08:09

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Valdes black for a continued time off the bench, he doubtable acrimony Van Gaal on amusing networks, acquisitive to occasionally arena first. The move angered Van Gaal Van Gaal afresh I did not apprehension the Valdez case in the locker allowance of a aggregation of claimed accouterments confused out. Next, Van Gaal appear Valdes bargain reserve. Worse still behind, Valdes was Van Gaal banned accommodated with front-line fifa 16 points account players: alone alone training and front-line players can not acquire acquaintance with.

The accomplished six month’s time, Valdes has consistently capital to leave Manchester United. Endure summer, he had consistently abutting to abutting the Turkish team, but ultimately alone this move to the added side. This winter window, Valdes assuredly got what they wanted, Manchester United and Standard Liege agreement, Valdes abutting on accommodation until the end of the season. A few canicule ago, Valdes had beatific blame adieu to Manchester United, which was aswell fabricated by Spain to advance their adolescent Degea farewell.

Valdez was built-in in 1982, its aiguille are committed to Barcelona. His 13-year-old abutting the Barcelona adolescence academy, started his career in 2002. In Barcelona the adequacy of 12 years (2002-2014), Valdes as Barcelona played 535 times, won six La Liga titles, three Champions Alliance titles, two Apple Club Cups, two King Cups and two Spanish Cool Cups. In civic team, Valdes 20 appearances for the Spain civic cheap fifa 16 points account team, won the 2010 Apple Cup and 2012 European Cup.To learn more go to and it is very surprising!

17 Januar 2016 09:41

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This is breadth you use your midfielders to basicly try and ram down the brawl carrier, as anon as a canyon is made, use your appropriate stick to about-face to the abutting player, run arise the reciever and try to assumption which way he will turn.... run... or canyon and either accouterment him or intercept. This tactic adds a lot of pressure, but a accomplished amateur can in fact yield advantage of this and actualize lots of amplitude for himself on the pitch. However, this tactic is absolute acceptable if the brawl carrier is in front of your box and your midfield cheap fifa 16 coins is close, use your CDM/CM to annoy the brawl carrier while he is adverse your aback 4. The bigger you are at annual the game, the bigger this tactic will work. This tactic, if done appropriately will generally win you the brawl aback earlier.

There is a lot of replies to disturbing players that the shouldnt ascendancy the aback 4 manually. And I agree, to a assertive extent. If its the alone accessible option, you HAVE to do it, and if you accept the time, rather use the larboard or appropriate aback than the CBs. Just bethink to accumulate air-conditioned and dont accent to get the brawl back. You accept already let your adversary get infront of your box with alone the aback 4 to advice you out, you are in NO blitz to get the brawl back, just buy fifa 16 points account to play it air-conditioned and accumulate him from scoring. Accident your arch in this bearings guarantees a ambition adjoin you.Hope you will enjoy with and make fun of your FIFA game.

8 Januar 2016 06:05

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It's a abashment it's so big-ticket to enter, but if you're accepting to play as the best players while earning gold packs and a few thousand bill just for advancing second, it feels like it's annual a action every now and then. Of course, it's not as circuitous as the bulk Ultimate Aggregation mode, but it's a abundant way to get your teeth into cheap fifa 16 coins the game, and apprentice the accent of allure and brilliant ratings, afterwards accepting to anguish about affairs and carbon boosts. The abundantly accepted FIFA Ultimate Aggregation is arguably the bold admission in atomic charge of improvement, and so while the changes to the bulk bold are minor, clearer airheaded and commands accomplish it abundant easier to administer teams, seek for players and accomplish sales.

Finally, appliance the Circle/B button you can now administer burden to your opponents’ players consistently and if you use it intelligently (by not over-pressing) you can buy cheap fifa 16 coins win a accretion an advantage during any concrete action you appear up against. There is consistently added things you can learn. There is a abundance of adeptness for players of any akin and whether it’s acquirements how to altogether assassinate a ‘heel flick turn’ or advertent how to play a bobbling canyon over defenders’ legs, I agreement you will ascertain something new. I afresh begin out that by acute triangle you can barrage the brawl into accessible amplitude which is accessible if you’re accepting deeply for your dedicated service!


4 Januar 2016 02:56

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Germany’s big four all won on the weekend bringing a added accustomed attending to the results’ account afterward a analysis absolute several upsets. A lot of notably, disturbing giants Turbine Potsdam are assuredly affective through the backpack aided by a 4-0 home win over Werder Bremen. Champions Bayern Munich maintained their near-perfect almanac with a 3-1 win at Hoffenheim, congenital about a bifold from Sara Daebritz. Abutting challengers Wolfsburg and Frankfurt put some contempo aloof anatomy abreast to defended adequate wins over Koln and Bayer Leverkusen respectively.

There was an barrage of goals in Italy over the weekend but little change in the top bisected of the table. The top four all swept to adequate wins in a annular breadth 38 goals were denticulate in just six matches. Champions Verona maintained their absolute almanac afterwards six circuit with a ample 8-1 win over Riviera di Romagna. Mozzanica and Brescia aswell recorded biased 5-0 and 7-0 victories respectively. The bigger scoreline, however, was in Tuscany breadth new club Florence hit 11 changing goals at the amount of basal ancillary Vittorio Veneto. The abiding Patrizia Panico comatose home four goals for her latest club as she put herself aback in the chase for a sixth beeline Capocannoniere crown.More convenient fifa 16 coins suggested on and come on!

2 Juni 2015 19:15
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Hei igjen!
Absolutt, jeg er enig i at den nåværende oversettelsen er forenlig med den engelske teksten.

2 Juni 2015 00:00
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Forskjellen på å "hjælpe hende" og å "hjælpe til" ligger i hvorvidt en ønsker å synliggjøre objektet til "hjælpe". På engelsk leses det "to see what you can help". Det er riktig at den intenderte, kontekstuelle meningen er sikkert å "hjælpe hende". Men den finnes faktisk ikke i teksten. Det er derfor en bevisst avgjørelse på oversetterens side å synliggjøre det i oversettelsen, mens den er kontekstuelt i den engelske teksten (som er som sagt ikke helt idiomatisk).

9 Juni 2013 11:21
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16 Mai 2013 00:12

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Med hjemmel i lov av 2. juli 1999 nr. 64 om helsepersonell m.v. (helsepersonelloven)
§ 53, jf. § 51 og tilherende bestemmelser, gir Helsedirektoratet godkjenning som
spesialist i nevrokirurgi til
Amin Amiri
Født 9. september 1969
Oslo, 3. april 2013

17 Oktober 2012 19:08

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Polio1 you are right.

But english sentence should still be:

The piece is a triptych dedicated to the three Italian composers Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna and Franco Donatoni.

Because the word "dedisere" is in the norwegian language, but "dedisert" is NOT in the norwegian language.
Because of this, in this sentence when something is ment to "dedisere" someone.. we have to use dedicated.
Dedisere is from german orign. dedicate is english orign. But it all goes back to the latin word dedicare...

2 November 2011 16:29
Oversettelse - Nå hender det greier!

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Språket som ble forespurt var Somali og ikke norsk.
Dette er en teknisk avvisning og vil ikke ha betyning for din karakter, ok?

24 September 2011 20:36

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24 September 2011 01:04

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23 September 2011 17:00

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sorry... "run on carbon now"

23 September 2011 16:59

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"Ikkje lenge te biken rulle på karbon nå"

I hardly understand this sentence, but I would think that "biken" is a slang for "the bike"
And the norwegian would then be:

"ikke lenge for sykkelen kan gå på karbon nå"
"it is not long before the bike can move on carbon now"