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24 juli 2013 21:33  

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I'll take note of that!

7 november 2013 21:28  

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Hey Lein

I'm PMing you to avoid more posts on the public comments for the translation.

Overall, I like this: "argumentation that electronic cigarettes (may) lead to the real thing because of their similarity (or maybe the similar feeling)".

However... we do not convey the same details. "similarity" alone is just too vague.

In the french text, it is about how you use the e-cig, how you hold it like a real one, the way you inhale, how you behave like it was the real stuff. The fingers position. Your hands' movements. Holding that e-cig stuff is the same.
Those are really how I feel about the similarities. It's not just the physical resemblance.

IMHO, the french text is pretty precise when it states the "incitation de la gestuelle" which... I can't find a way translate properly

"Similar feeling"... yes and no.
Not just the feeling, but also how you 'manipulate' the device.

Time to throw some ideas:
How people manipulate the device
How close they have a similar way of being... used?
How very similar they are handled?

"argumentation that electronic cigarettes may lead to the real thing because of the closeness in the usage they share" :/

"argumentation that electronic cigarettes may lead to the real thing because of the similar way they are being used"
...sounds better.


8 november 2013 17:43  

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Hey Lein

- A ministerial argumentation about a so called incitation to switch to real cigarettes because of the similar way they are handled, which fail to convince (and that’s a euphemism)

Now I am a happy man

Thanks I'd like to take this one for this part of the translation

That is... if we don't come up with something else in the meantime

8 november 2013 18:37  

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Hopefully you were there

27 november 2013 14:12  

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Oh!i got it wrong.There wasnt a mistake,it is correct.Sorry for misunderstanding

have a nice day

2 februari 2019 00:59  

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Hello, Lein!

How's it going?

Would you mind giving me an English bridge for this translation ?

Thank you!

4 februari 2019 20:57  

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Nice to see you here again, Lein..

Well, knowing you understand and like Portuguese so much, I'll speak with you in Portuguese, OK?

Eu também estava afastado do Cucumis desde 2015 .. os afazeres do dia a dia, o trabalho e os estudos me afastaram.. voltei para dar uma ajuda para o Francky com as mensagens indesejadas deixadas por spams e estou tentando reunir os experts de volta, pelo menos para me darem uma ajuda nas traduções que restaram.

Fico feliz em ver que você atendeu ao meu chamado..

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