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Useful links about languages and translation

Useful links about languages and translation

As this page can't have an infinite size, only the most important links must be kept. Add your links here.

The reference language for this page is English. Editing the English version will change the state of the other languages to "must be updated".

Automatic translation tools

- Babelfish Very useful to quickly understand the meaning of a text. English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

Translation help forums

- Learn Turkish Online Good forum for teaching yourself Turkish.
- Learn Abkhazian Online
- Learn Greek on-line (Use this site for a more user-friendly support forum).

Type non english alphabets on computers keyboards

* Online keyboards
- Type Romanian characters online
- Type Turkish characters online
- Type Swedish characters online
- Type Icelandic characters online
- Type Polish characters online
- Type Spanish characters online
- Type Portuguese characters online
- Type Italian characters online
- Type German characters online
- Type French characters online
- Type Czech characters online
- Type Georgian characters online
- Type Arabic characters online
- Type Hindi-devanagari characters online

Type cyrillic characters online for :
- Belarussian
- Bulgarian
- Kazakh
- Macedonian
- Mongol
- Russian
- Serbian
- Tadjik
- Ukrainian

Type Greek onlineYou can also use this alternative link . They can be used for both ancient and modern Greek. Use the following to transcribe greeklish to greek characters
- Type special characters online A very useful tool indeed. Choose your alphabet and click on the characters in the character grid to see them appear in the box at the bottom of the page. You can also type directly into the box. Then you can copy and paste the texts where ever you wish, including for translations. Examples: latin characters (Åž, ÅŸ ...), Arabic, Persian, Urdu alphabets, Hebrew alphabet, Thai alphabet and many others.


- Online lessons of French, German, Urdu, Irish, Scottish.
Divided in Topics, Grammar, Fast track, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and User guide.

- ALBIS Learn vocabulary from more than 20 languages. Divided in 75 levels of 20 words and a writing test after each level.

- BOOK2 Learn foreign languages quickly and easily with 100 downloadable audio (mp3) files.


* Christian
- Search for a Bible passage in over 35 languages and 50 versions.
- European translations of The Bible.

Learning Chinese

chengzchengz would like to recommend you some websites which are quite helpful for Chinese learning :
It is the place where you could join in any forum to communicate with others for Chinese learning.
Here you would find lots of useful tools for Chinese learning.Chinese Tools IME allows you to write Chinese Pinyin, online.
An unique website where you could enjoy Chinese learning through interesting and practical video shows and comprehensive courses ranging different levels.
You could listen to podcast for Chinese hot topics and do yoga at the same time.
You could make friends and learn languages at the same time.
A Genealogy and Dictionary using my character tree system.
MDBG Dictionary is an all-around dictionary.

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1 vasaris 2007 14:33

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Can we add these? The first two are for polytonic Greek which obviously works for monotonic Greek also. Tha last one converts Greek writen in Latin characters to Greek (; becomes the accent mark)

2 vasaris 2007 13:32

Žinučių kiekis: 3785
Yes very interesting, can you edit the wiki article to add them ?

6 sausis 2008 16:25

Žinučių kiekis: 22
could you send me Georgian font!?

20 vasaris 2008 09:41

Žinučių kiekis: 61
Lexilogos : online free dictionaries for 60 languages, with didactic introduction to each language.

Lingoes is a free dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages and cross-translation over 80 languages. For longer texts, it integrates translation engines like Systran, Promt, Cross, Yahoo, Google, Altavista, etc.

16 balandis 2008 21:24

Žinučių kiekis: 149
Hi, for those who know which Russian letters they need, but don't have them, is a very useful tool.

1 lapkritis 2008 23:24

Žinučių kiekis: 135
May I suggest two powerful and reliable sources to be included in the official "Useful Links" page for biblical translations and versions, maybe to be created in a new category, such as "Religion" or "Religious References", to be extended by other "fields of knowledge" categories: Search for a Bible passage in over 35 languages and 50 versions

Read about Biblegateway. - Your Bible on the Net

Read about Bibleserver.

2 lapkritis 2008 06:00

Žinučių kiekis: 3785
Yep sure, can you edit the wiki ?

2 lapkritis 2008 06:48

Žinučių kiekis: 135
Done! Any volunteers with knowledge on other religions who could contribute with some reliable sources would be welcome. Just to get a bit more ecumenical.

Other fields of knowledge too!

Remember: translation, linguistics and reference related links.

Maybe post the link and describe it first, in order to get your peers' approval.

15 liepa 2017 08:25

Žinučių kiekis: 1
As a professional translator, I feel it would be helpful to have more links to terminology resources and reference translations, such as the ones on Linguee. What do you think?

Anthony, passionate translator himself