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Проект - Dusk and Dawn


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Добавлено kstobbe
2 Февраль 2012 23:21
Dusk and Dawn

I have a small free iPhone app (

I am interested in the marketing mechanisms of the iTunes app store and would like to study the effects of localizing an app. In order to do this I need to have my app translated.

As it is an app, there there is first a section of text that doesn't go in the app itself but on the app store. Then a piece of text that is included in the app followed by a list of words that make up the interface of the app.

Everything inside [ and ] don't need to be translates but is only there to indicate context. The same goes for text inside < and >.

Blocks of text can be translated in blocks, but for single words I need to know which word each translation represents. So for single words please simply type the translation after the original work.

I am very grateful with any help I can get on this project, thank you.

-Kristian Stobbe