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Tyrkisk sen birden,
Çıkmadım ki, sen birden yok oldun, sonra da müdür geldi yanıma kapatmak zorunda kaldım.
Edited from this original: Cikmadim kim,sen birden,yok oldum,sonrada mudur geldi yanisma kapatmak zorunda kaldim.

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Engelsk you suddenly,
Græsk εσύ ξαφνικά
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Italiensk GL Artwork IV
GPF è uno spettacolo di danza interattiva e multimediale progettato e realizzato da GL in collaborazione con la danzatrice MFG.
Immergendo l’individuo-interprete in un paesaggio multimediale astratto, ricostruito artificialmente con suoni, colori e parole, viene indagata la relazione tra i linguaggi dei diversi media in scena, in particolare focalizzando l’attenzione sul peso semantico che, di volta in volta, rende preminente in termini percettivi un canale informativo piuttosto che un altro.
Alla performance viene sovrapposto un piano narrativo nel quale l’individuo-performer, partendo da una presa di coscienza di se stesso e dei complessi intrecci semantici che modellano l’ambiente circostante, interagisce con il paesaggio stesso, grazie a un sistema interattivo di detezione del movimento. Quando le regole di questo paesaggio cambiano, l’individuo è costretto a rimettere in discussione le proprie conoscenze per poter gestire la nuova situazione. In questo lavoro GL analizza le relazioni tra un sistema autonomo, composto da differenti flussi mediatici, e la capacità dell’uomo di controllarlo, delineando una metafora del processo di adattamento.
May a native English expert review this.

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Engelsk GL Artwork IV
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Engelsk Myriam wrote:
Myriam wrote:

No kidding! My baby's SCT was found during a 19w ultrasound, and just minutes after telling us the diagnosis (a tumor!?) they asked if we would want to terminate the pregnancy.

I call her Hungry Girl, because she nurses often and grows so rapidly.

We were told to expect a C-section but her tumor did not grow large so in the end I birthed her vaginally at full term (40w2d). There was a huge crowd of physicians and students in the room. I was too busy laboring to pay any attention but my husband says they all stood around discussing me and it was surreal. I got to hold my baby for a little while before she was taken away to the NICU then transfered to the NICU at another hospital. All according to plan. I was able to follow her 6 hours later. She had surgery a few days later and left the hospital on day 7. The SCT was 6 cm. Like your baby, Hungry Girl is on the "watch and wait" protocol.

We thought we would need to wait for toilet training, years from now, to learn if she has any incontinence problems, but now her bodily functions are 100% normal and I have no fear about her bladder and bowel continence. She sits without help, stands with help, and can almost crawl.

Babies grow so fast! Enjoy that 4th month while it lasts. Too soon she will be 5 months old.

2004 Monkey Boy
2006 Hungry Girl
Please leave SCT (sacrococcygeal teratoma) as is; NICU = neonatal intensive care unit; 19w = 19 weeks gestation; C-section = Cesarean section.

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Fransk Myriam