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Too late for the happy new year...

2011年 5月 23日
Well... Too late for the happy new year, I'm busy with my current job, but you're still in my mind, dear friends and colleagues of

lilian canale and Francky5591 are still taking care of the administration, and they are now assisted by Bamsa, Freya and gamine, also hard workers!

We have now a FAQ page, which was highly requested, and also new, young and talented experts, value does not depend on age

Another novelty, the Google search is now integrated to the site, much more handy for the users, members, experts and admins, who are looking for the translations already done on

This is not a secret, I'm very busy with my indie game developer job. If you want to know why I'm not connecting as often as I should on Cucumis, visit the iPhone games I've created.

By the way, I'm much more responsive on twitter if you want to contact me.
ドキュメントが次の言語に翻訳されました: フランス語英語 ノルウェー語デンマーク語クロアチア語ペルシア語ルーマニア語イタリア語スペイン語ブルガリア語ポルトガル語スウェーデン語オランダ語リトアニア語ポーランド語カタロニア語ハンガリー語トルコ語ウクライナ語ギリシャ語ドイツ語セルビア語エスペラント中国語簡体字フィンランド語ボスニア語ラトビア語アルバニア語ベトナム語ブルトン語ヘブライ語ロシア語タイ語


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2011年 5月 23日 11:34

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Did you know that requesting translations for this text has cost 70574 points ? Wow...

Please correct my english text as I'm pretty sure it's not perfect english.

2012年 1月 25日 12:59

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This text is not in Arabic language ...?

2018年 6月 18日 05:31

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sounds good
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