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Not dead ? ! ?

2019年 四月 15日
A backend update for cucumis !

Yep I had a couple of hours today to work on a few updates mainly for security matters.

First of all, all site is now in https for security (was done few weeks ago).

Also, passwords used to be stored in clear in database. This is fixed now, passwords are hashed.

And finally a [DELETE SPAMMER] button for admins.

Happy 2019 to all of you!
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2019年 四月 15日 17:30

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Yep I'm not dead, hope same for you.
That [DELETE SPAMMER] button will be accessible to admins onto the profile page of a user. It will deactivate
the user, and remove all messages and translations s/he did.

2020年 五月 23日 15:12

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I see. Back from China.