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Major improvements

3 rugsėjis 2006
Hi all, I've added 3 features to Cucumis which are worth being mentioned here.

1. email notification

From now, you can be notified by email when somebody ask for a translation that matches your language preferences. There is a 2 days delay before being notified. This delay give us the time to check the eventual mistakes on the target and source languages and maybe to give the priority to people who often check the website. The functionnality is not fully tested, so you might expect some bugs in the next few weeks.
To use it, simply check the box "Noriu gauti pranešimus el.paštu kai bus gautas naujas, mano kalbos nustatymus atitinkantis užklausimas vertimui" on the translation homepage, and submit by clicking on the blue arrow.

2. RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

You can now use the RSS format in your favorite RSS reader to be warned about new available translations mathcing your language preferences. On the requested translations pages (for example this one), you can see the rss icon RSS that links to the rss url. Simply add this url in your rss reader to be daily informed about new translation requests.
Using the netvibes start page (netvibes is one of the best rss reader, I recommend it), this is an example of what you can get :
Cucumis translations matching your language preferences in netvibes

3. administrators and experts

Until now, translations was to be checked one by one and the load was very high for administrators and experts. Now they can check several translations in one click. I hope we can have more translations checked by our talented experts with this new system, and offer better quality to everybody.

That's all

Note that the greek interface has been recently added. Most of the job was done by irini! Thanks!
...and thanks to all contributors!


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4 rugsėjis 2006 11:34

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very good inventions

4 rugsėjis 2006 13:20

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5 rugsėjis 2006 19:10

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6 rugsėjis 2006 18:25

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مرحبا بكم welcome cucumis

ٍ عـمــل جـــيـــّّد
Good work
Bon travail

أينما وجد النحل ،يكون هناك العسل.
Where bees are, there will be honey.
Où il y a des abeilles, Il y aura du miel.

6 rugsėjis 2006 18:37

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Where bees are, there will be honey
Very nice

15 rugsėjis 2006 16:03

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nice work

25 gegužė 2008 04:35

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rss功能不好用的说,把rss地址提交到抓虾和胖葫芦里都不行啊,我常用的rss订阅器就是这俩,还不支持 。。。。。那个Rss地址怪怪的。。

29 sausis 2019 09:06

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