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Stop looking at me in the upside down position

Yeah, I don't like extremes and I don't find satisfaction in going the opposite direction. But, I do believe that we miss what we don't expect to see. I reverse the view to have a fresh look at things, just to see what I'm missing.

Okay okay, let's get less serious here Let me tell you the first thing I have learnt on Cucumis, lot of people want to have tattoos with Arabic script because they think non English scripts look mysterious and more interesting. Well, it is so! and Arabic calligraphy is an amazing art, but with Arial and Courier, it doesn't look good at all :s So what I suggest you do, is take the word, copy it and download few Arabic fonts to see how it looks like. There are tons of Arabic artistic fonts, try them out.

Here is something about Arabic (besides the fact that it is a marvelous language I am so totally in love with). I bet you all probably know we use diacritic to signify short vowels instead of actually using the vowels, which are long sounds: aaa, eee, www. This can be seen in many languages, notably Hebrew. So Amal in Arabic is only: A, M, L with an accent on M. But here is something that can be considered as a unique trait to Arabic; the last letter of the word is silent, if you look it up a dictionary, because the sound or diacritic of the last letter changes according to the position of the word in the sentence! If it is a starter word, a subject, or any of the trillion types of objects,... etc. So My name is Amal would be اسمي أملُ "Amalu" or "Amalon", while I saw Amal is رأيت أملَ "Amala" or "Amalan."