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Alkuperäinen kieli: Venäjä

Раньше темнеет на час
Резче давлю на газ
Реже домой звоню
Мама не знает
Чаще молчу теперь
Час согреваю постель
Счастье пяти недель
Так не хватает

Долетали до луны
Дали за любовь медали
У медали две стороны
Этой мы не знали

Та ли сторона луны
Та ли сторона медали
То ли мы любовь нашли
То ли потеряли

Больше менять не позволю
Боль на другую боль
Полю чужому плодов
Не пожинать
Пыль в глаза не пускал
Было, прошло - сказал
Больше не надо слов
Чтобы понять
Huomioita käännöksestä
Lyrics of "Medali" by Russian singer Irina Dubcova.


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Kohdekieli: Englanti

It is getting dark an hour earlier
I press the gas pedal down harder
I rarely call home
Mom does not know
I am keeping quiet more often now
I warm my bed for an hour
Happiness of five weeks -
I miss it so much

We used to reach the Moon
And were given medals for love
The medal has two sides
We did not know about this side before.

Is this the right side of the Moon,
Is this the right side of the medal?
Have we found love
Or have we lost it?

I won’t allow one pain
To be changed for another pain anymore
Somebody else's field
Won't reap the harvest
He didn't throw dust into eyes
He said it was - it's gone
No more words are needed
To understand.
Huomioita käännöksestä
Last verse: 'he' - another possible translation would be 'you' (where the 'you' is male)

throw dust into eyes: mislead (someone)
Viimeksi tarkastanut tai toimittanut Lein - 18 Maaliskuu 2013 12:14

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7 Maaliskuu 2013 00:42

Viestien lukumäärä: 10
if lein doesnt speak Russian, should not be an expert in this language, and why not to take another one who can deal with this ?

7 Maaliskuu 2013 07:18

Viestien lukumäärä: 291

Are you kidding? Why should anyone to be an expert in language A to approve texts written in language B? Where is logic?

7 Maaliskuu 2013 15:07

Viestien lukumäärä: 10
I am not here so long so maybe i dont know the procedures but one i see: She asks every time for help of others who are not experts, what does it mean? Answer yourself

7 Maaliskuu 2013 15:10

Viestien lukumäärä: 291
"She asks every time for help of others who are not experts"

Where did she?

7 Maaliskuu 2013 17:34

lilian canale
Viestien lukumäärä: 14972
Hi Bendek,

As you said above, you are not familiar with the features of the site yet.
Let me explain how evaluations on work.

We are intended to be a community made up of two kinds of users from around the world.
In the first group are those who:
1 - need a translation into a language they don't know.
2 - want to understand a text written in a language they don't know.

In the second group are those who:
1 - know well more than one language and are willing to help the first group for free.
2 - were chosen by the admins to become experts due to their skills, reliable work and availability.

The expert for a language is not supposed to know all the languages listed on the site, although some of us command more than one language as experts.

The expert's job in an evaluation is correcting the target language, in this case English. When s/he doesn't know the source language, asks for the help of the community to check the accuracy of the translation by setting a poll where they can vote, make suggestions, etc.

Sometimes there's nothing to be corrected, every vote is positive and the translation is accepted.
Other times users point out many corrections that have to be discussed in order to achieve the best result. That's why polls exist!

And that is what Lein has been doing related to this translation.

So, please if you don't have any uplifting comment or suggestion about the translation, let her do her job, OK?

And anytime you have a doubt, feel free to post it to one of the admins and we'll be glad to help you understand how things work around here.

7 Maaliskuu 2013 18:02

Viestien lukumäärä: 10
thank you lillian for proffesional good clarification. Ok I will follow your advice

8 Maaliskuu 2013 16:18

Viestien lukumäärä: 611
Hi everyone,

Sorry I'm late to join this discussion (it seems I don't receive notifications from cucumis for some reason now)

Here's my opinion on the first verse:

It gets dark an hour earlier
I press the gas pedal down harder
I rarely call home (without anymore)
(without O, my) Mom does not know (without how)
I am keeping quiet more often now
I warm my bed for an hour
Happiness of five weeks -
I miss it so much

The last verse I copied from the previous discussion, as I don't agree mostly to the translation here.

I won't let anymore
To change one pain for another
Somebody else's field
Won't reap the harvest
(You) Didn't try to dazzle
(You) Said it was - it's gone
No more words needed
To understand.

Hope it won't add any confusion

PS bridges are OK to me

11 Maaliskuu 2013 11:06

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389
Yay! I have edited, trying to take both your translations into account (Siberia's and Ramarren's).

Please let me know if you don't agree with the translation!

I have a few doubts remaining, so I have not edited the middle part of the last verse yet:

- Does the Russian text say whether it is this field yielding someone else's harvest, or someone else's field yielding the / this / my / our harvest, or is the original open to both interpretations?

- Does the Russian text indicate whether the next lines talk about you, as in Siberia's translation, or about him, as in Ramarren's? Or are both possible?

- Also, are these two lines one sentence?
Mom does not know
I am keeping quiet more often now

Should we add [that] before the second line, to make it clearer that they are one sentence?

We're nearly there! Thanks so much both of you for your input!

11 Maaliskuu 2013 11:30

Viestien lukumäärä: 291
Hi, Lein

1. As for the field, the songs says that someone else's field will not reap [any] fruits (which fruits - is unclear). I think, it will be better to use "reap" instead of "yield", this will be closer to original, though even in Russian I do not understand how any field could reap fruits, but so the story says... May be, it's metaphor expressing that you (as a stranger) can't reap fruits (of love) of other person.

2. As for he/you. The song here says about some masculine person (the singer is a girl), which may be "you" and may be not, but is definitely "he" Whether the song is addressed to this masculine person, we do not know (in Russian original the sex is defined by verb ending, and pronoun is not used, so we can't make this clear ), so I think that we should just underline his sex (by using "he" ) and not add any extra context which is not present in the original.

3. As for "Mom does not know, I am keeping quiet more often now" I'm sure these are two independent sentences of a complex sentence (first verse), which includes the list of independent claims:
1) It is getting dark an hour earlier,
2) I press the gas pedal down harder,
3) I rarely call home,
4) Mom does not know,
5) I am keeping quiet more often now...
(and so on till the end of the verse)

11 Maaliskuu 2013 12:02

Viestien lukumäärä: 611
Hi Lein and ramarren,

I agree with ramarren on the 1 and 3 points. On the second one, it can be both you and he, but rammaren's suggestion to clear things up is good so we shall go with it.

I still don't like the translation of the last part. Honestly, I think it's wrong, but may be it's me who get's the meaning wrong (as far as it's song lyrics an we all can interpret it differently).

Good luck with evaluation!

11 Maaliskuu 2013 16:24

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389
Phew! I think I have incorporated all the suggestions. I will leave the poll open for a few more days to see if anyone else has anything to say, or if either of you gets hit by a brainwave before I accept

11 Maaliskuu 2013 17:49

Viestien lukumäärä: 291

Does "to dazzle" have a meaning the same as "throw dust into eyes" ("pull the wool over smb.'s eyes" )?

11 Maaliskuu 2013 19:33

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389
I would say it does pretty much, although it also has a more positive meaning.

I though 'to throw dust in people's eyes' would be very long for this line. Would 'confuse' work? Or any of its synonyms, here for example?

11 Maaliskuu 2013 19:58

Viestien lukumäärä: 291
As for "to throw dust in people's eyes" being too long, I do not think it's an argument, because in the original it is also a phrase and not a verb. So it would not be good to constrain the meaning by using single word which does not bear the required strict sense of the original expression, which means "to try to deceive somebody on purpose by trying to look different from what you really are". I do not see neither "dazzle" nor "confuse" as synonyms for this. Am I mistaken?

11 Maaliskuu 2013 20:18

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389
I think 'to confuse someone' conveys the same meaning but I am happy to have him throw dust

How is this?

11 Maaliskuu 2013 20:26

Viestien lukumäärä: 291
I did not understand the question o_0

And in this context "He didn't try to throw dust into anyone's eyes" must be without "try" and "anyone's", just "He didn't throw dust into eyes".

By the way, I think I have found the verb

Mislead looks OK, but I insist on using the phrase if native English speakers do not object

11 Maaliskuu 2013 20:38

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389
I don't hear anyone objecting

12 Maaliskuu 2013 04:09

Viestien lukumäärä: 611
It looks great (at last)

A tiny little thing is with those lines:
"I won’t allow one pain
To change into another pain anymore"

If we need to be almost literal then it should be:
I won’t allow anymore to change one pain for another pain.

And correcting the existing translation:
I won’t allow one pain
To be changed for another pain anymore

12 Maaliskuu 2013 09:37

Viestien lukumäärä: 3389

Wow - looks like we may now all be happy with this translation

17 Maaliskuu 2013 06:06

Viestien lukumäärä: 2543
Hey guys! You did a great job, I love it!
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