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18 January 2008 13:29  

Number of messages: 4
i want a panpal who can help me to learn english me olso i will teach him or her my mother tongue Kinyarwanda.

23 January 2008 17:41  

Number of messages: 74
Is your name Kinyarwanda or is it the name of your mother tongue? It sounds African both as as name for a person and for a name for a language, but I might be wrong.

Where in the world would I be able to use your language? How many people speaks your language? Is it the official or only official language in your country?

I would like to learn some words and sentences of your language and get some insight into the grammar.

I am not a native speaker of English but quite okay at it anyway. My native language is Danish

1 February 2008 19:38  

Number of messages: 1

7 February 2008 15:12  

Number of messages: 324
I want to correspond with a Japanese speaker,though.
I can help you out with Turkish

15 February 2008 16:52  

Number of messages: 1
I look forward to interacting with members who can help me learn Italian.

I speak Hindi and would very much like to help Hindi learners.

5 March 2008 18:48  

Number of messages: 312
I'd like to interact with native French speakers. I speak Mandarin Chinese as well as English, and I'd very much like to help those who wish to improve their Chinese and English language skills.

1 October 2008 22:34  

Number of messages: 6
i speak english, and spanish, but i'd like to learn turkish, if there is anyone that his o her native language is turkish, pls message me if you have time to teach me a little bit

25 May 2008 23:34  

Number of messages: 34
Hoi, ik ben op zoek naar imand wie in Antwepen woont om mijn Nederlands te verbeteren.
Groetjes uit Polen

25 June 2008 00:48  

Amako Sudeki
Number of messages: 2
i want to learn french (doesnt know nothing), want to learn japanese (knows a lil bit) and want to improve german and italian...


25 June 2008 23:07  

Number of messages: 2
Hi, all! I would like to learn Serbian. My mother tongue is Ukrainian, and I'm fluent in Russan, so I hope it will be not that difficult..

30 June 2008 22:27  

Number of messages: 1
I want someone to help me learn bulgarian..
in return i will provide english language assistance...

11 July 2008 00:43  

Number of messages: 145
I found a Wikipedia article on Kinyarwanda here:

It is also available IN Kinyarwanda:

22 July 2008 18:10  

Number of messages: 18
hi I want to learn Serbian,I'm turkish

7 August 2008 14:47  

Number of messages: 8
I would like to find one, who can help me with persian to english or danish

18 September 2008 12:23  

Number of messages: 2
I am interested to learn German language, and i can help someone to learn Albanian and Serbian.

20 September 2008 15:15  

Number of messages: 7
i can speak n understand english n hindi, marathi, n gujrati language from india, if anybody are rerquired then b in touch, regards

21 September 2008 17:49  

Number of messages: 9
I am interested in learning turkish. I can help with portuguese, french (I'm bilingual) and english. Tks

30 September 2008 08:02  

Number of messages: 1
Hi! My native language's Russian. I know English and I'm beginner in Turkish. I'am looking for penfriends to imrove these languages.

28 October 2008 02:49  

Number of messages: 1
hi I am jaidee, I know language English a lillte

19 December 2008 02:04  

Number of messages: 3
hiya , how are you all? I want to learn Persian ... can teach englishhhhh
thx , merci , gracias , paldies , spasibo
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