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8 januari 2009 01:12  

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nej det er ikke vigtig lige nu men du kan også prøve forklare mig du behøves ikke sende videre til en anden tolk .. jeg kan ikke rigtig forstå det her sætninger..."du er ude hvor du ikke kan bunde" og den anden er "det lyder sansynligt ..

13 januari 2009 16:20  

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you're brilliant, dear Lene! Thanks a lot!

18 januari 2009 02:19  

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Hi again!
Thanks for answering.
Is it best if I start a new thread with the english version or s it best if I go on in the old?


26 januari 2009 14:44  

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26 januari 2009 21:25  

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I am not official lithuanian expert

31 januari 2009 18:37  

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Merci Gamine

10 februari 2009 19:52  

Sweet Dreams
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Pas très loin, j'habite en Aquitaine

11 februari 2009 00:13  

Sweet Dreams
Aantal berichten: 2202
De rien. Moi aussi j'aime avoir des cucu-amis.

Alors, dors bien et fais de beaux rêves.



12 februari 2009 07:06  

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Hey, we have already translated this one!

25 februari 2009 18:04  

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I think I already did that bridge to her

25 februari 2009 18:43  

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Yes you were

The translation request is for Greek

4 maart 2009 16:06  

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Thanks, but I don't see that it needs to be translated to Hebrew (or to any language)?



7 maart 2009 16:07  

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Hey I'm sorry I couldn't answer you till now, here's the bridge:

Every earthling who tries to mess up with someone else life will get it back double.

I gave you literal translation because it's not exactly correct in Serbian, but I hope you'll get the point. If you have any questions please ask


14 maart 2009 20:04  

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Danke! Du aber auch!

25 maart 2009 19:44  

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I just did, and sent you a reply three minutes ago.

30 maart 2009 11:54  

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Hello Gamine,
You have point there, and if you go by Google, yes, you are right. However, Francky5591 tell me it should be *cette andouille*. He says you hold on to the original gender of the word even if you are talking about a man. It seems very much a "French" way of doing, remember they speak about "madame le ministre"? The ultimate authority, I suppose, would be the Académie Française or some similar body. I wish I had a Grevisse. I'll check it at the library some day and let you know.

30 maart 2009 19:54  

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Tu me fais rougir... You'll be much less impressed when you see the blunder I've made this afternoon (tu est in stead of tu es). Anyway, I haven't spoken or written much French for the past thirty years and I do enjoy taking it up after retirement.

31 maart 2009 16:14  

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Merci pour cette traduction, mais il s'agit d'une erreur d'aiguillage!
Je suis nouveau sur ce site et je ne m'aîtrise pas encore son fonctionnement.
Je pense que cette erreur va me coûter quelques points. Dommage !

31 maart 2009 23:55  

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Merci pour ta proposition,mais n'en fais rien.
Moi aussi ,ce qui m'importe le plus c'est de rendre service .
Quant aux points,c'est plus pour le "fun" .


8 april 2009 23:22  

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Hi gamine.

I thik its was wrong off me to write "den" so its no problem if it going to be rejected.
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