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jaq84 خبير عربي


خبير - عربي
بلد ‏الاردن
سنة الميلاد1984
أوّل زيارة15 نيسان 2008
آخر زيارة15 كانون الاول 2014 08:34
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jaq84 بامكانه قراءة اللغات التالية: فرنسيانجليزيعربي
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9.97/10   خبير
You're Looking at my Profile...I can see you!!

I can see you have managed to get here.
Well then, WELCOME
My name is Jumana. I'm an application developer.
I've always had that passion for languages and translation. I have even joined translation courses.
And you can guess that I was so pleased to find CUCUMIS!
I don't have much to say for now. I may come back for more later.
So, have a good day and see you on the pages of Cucumis