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Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game!...
Предоставено от Crab Cyborg
Език, от който се превежда: Английски

Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game! It's the fastest, most colorful and most simple game you'll ever play!

Do you want something to play in between minutes? It just takes 30 seconds to play!

The screen is filled with shapes and you need to find the target as fast as possible! How fast are you? Can you beat the best scores on Earth? Can you beat all of your friends?

There are 108 levels, from an apple to a trombone! Complete challenges to earn keys to unlock levels!
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Shape Up 是一个节奏明快的寻宝游戏!
Китайски Опростен

Преведено от clockrunner116
Желан език: Китайски Опростен

Shape Up 是一个节奏明快的寻宝游戏! 这将会是你一生中玩过最快、最色彩缤纷和最简单的游戏!
你是否想玩些无须花大量时间的游戏? 这个游戏只需要30秒!
游戏屏幕上全部都是图形, 而你需要尽快找出最大的一个! 你能够有多快? 你能够打破全人类纪录吗? 你能够胜过所有朋友吗?
游戏总共有108关, 由苹果到长号都有! 现在就来接受挑战, 赢取锁匙过关吧!
За последен път се одобри от pluiepoco - 17 Декември 2017 00:59