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Soy siempre fiel a mis principios
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원문 언어: 스페인어

Soy siempre fiel a mis principios
이 번역물에 관한 주의사항
La palabra principios aqui funciona como valores, con valores muy fuertes. En femenino todos.

<Admins's remark>

A conjugated verb was added to the line so that the request abides by our submission rules and is now accepted. <Lilian>
lilian canale에 의해서 마지막으로 수정되었습니다 - 2012년 7월 11일 21:35

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2012년 7월 11일 16:24

lilian canale
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[4] NO PALABRAS "SUELTAS". no es un diccionario y no aceptará solicitudes de traducciones de palabras "sueltas" que no formen una oración completa con por lo menos un verbo conjugado.

2012년 7월 11일 16:42

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That was smart from the requester submitting another request after the 6 other ones were set in stand-by!

Marija, if you don't mind, I'll reject your translation without rating for the technical matter Lilian told above.