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53Translation - Bosnian-English - volim me

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Category Daily life - Love / Friendship

volim me
Submitted by Roller-Coaster
Source language: Bosnian

Voli me

Zatvorenim očima, ja ću te slijedjeti
Zaroblenjim rukama, ja ću te grliti,
Pokaži mi ljubavi,
Sve tajne skrivene...
Samo voli me...
Samo voli me...
Sve mi možeš uzeti,
što god želiš, samo voli me...
Do kraja me izluditi,
Baš me briga, samo voli me

Odvedi me,
Ovdje guše me...
Odvedi me,
Daleko iznad svih...

Love me

Translated by Roller-Coaster
Target language: English

Love me

With closed eyes I will follow you,
With captured hands I will embrace you,
Show me, my love,
All hidden secrets...
Just love me...
Just love me...
You could take it all from me,
Whatever you wish, just love me...
You could drive me crazy totally,
I don't care, just love me.

Take me away,
Here they are suffocating me...
Take me away,
Far away from all of them...
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11 October 2007 17:28

Number of messages: 249
Hello - the translation is good but I would make some changes such as in the line :
2 -With captured hands I will hug you,-( I would use I will embrace you).
7 -Sve mi možeš uzeti, was translated as -You could take all of me - but it should be you can take it all from me ( exe --take everything I have from me)
9-Do kraja me izluditi, - is translated as You could drive me crazy, - but it should be you coud drive me crazy until the end (endlessly or any other synonym)
11 and 13 -Odvedi me, -was translated as take me - I would add away...take me away
12 - Ovdje guše me... - was translated as Here they are choking me... - which was literal translation and the maning of it that she is staying out of breath amongst all the people she is surrounded with.

12 October 2007 01:19

Number of messages: 930
Hey Lakil, thnx for the correction. I was expecting someone to give me a hand here Unfortunately, can't remember any other verb for "ovdje guše me"... Pls, be my guest

12 October 2007 09:24

Number of messages: 249
Hello Roller-Coaster - Maybe instead of "Here they are choking me..." you could use - "Here I can't breathe..." ..I think it better conveys the meaning of the original...Just my opinion. :-))

12 October 2007 15:11

Number of messages: 1671
Thanks everybody!

12 October 2007 15:27

Number of messages: 1671
Hi Roller-Coaster,
We could easily say "Here they are suffocating me."
I'll change it to that, because it will be closer to the original meaning, I think!

12 October 2007 15:40

Number of messages: 930
That's what I wanted to hear Thank you very much