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No sunset outshines the splendour of your ...
Submitted by sismo
Source language: English Translated by Car0le

No sunset outshines the splendour of your face, no star twinkles more than your eyes, no moon will ever have your mysterious charm and never will the sun be more radiant than you.

Ingen solnedgang overgår dit ansigts glans...

Translated by sismo
Target language: Danish

Ingen solnedgang overgår dit ansigts glans, ingen stjerne glimter mere end dine øjne, ingen måne vil nogensinde have din mystiske charme og solen vil aldrig have mere udstråling end du.
Remarks about the translation
In Danish we would normally use the word "blinke" for the English word "twinkle", but this would give a wrong meaning in this case, therfore the use of the word "glimpte" in stead
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11 February 2008 12:15

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sismo: I have allowed myself to correct the word "glimpte" (which does not exist in Danish) to "glimte" :-)