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Bulgarian Тематичните пътувания с цел посещение на винарски...
Тематичните пътувания с цел посещение на винарски райони и дегустации на вина или накратко винени турове набират скорост и набират все повече и повече туристи. Туристите които посещават даден район идват не само за да си купят бутилка вино, а за да вкусят от характерността на района, типичната за него храна, начина на живот, природните и културните забележителности. Важна част са местата за настаняване, ресторантите, гостоприемството на персонала и местните жители.

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French Les voyages thématiques ayant pour but la visite de ...
English Theme trips for visiting wine regions
Source language
Turkish harf değişimi
Bulunan kelimenin harfleri yerine rastgele yeni harfler gelir.

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English New letters come randomly when the ...
Source language
Turkish Hiç hata yapmayan insan, hiçbir şey yapmayan...
Hiç hata yapmayan insan, hiçbir şey yapmayan insandır. Ve hayatta en büyük hata, kendini hatasız sanmaktır.
Yunus Emre'nin sözü

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English A person who makes no mistake...
Source language
This translation request is "Meaning only".
English amaca yönelik muhasebe
As part of our discussion of business-model-based accounting, we make the case that basing the
accounting for an arrangement on an entity’s business model is equivalent to basing the accounting
on management intent for the use, disposition or settlement of financial statement items, and
conclude that the distinctions between the two terms are not substantial.
business-model-based accounting amaca yönelik muhasebe

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Turkish "İş Modeli" temelli muhasebe hakkındaki...
Source language
English I'll be on holiday for two months. Take care...
I'll be on holiday for two months. Take care yourself.

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Turkish İki aylığına tatile çıkıyorum...
Source language
English namoWoman : In between worlds of sexualities, dualities and tonalities
By recreating themselves, artists transcend their time and place and now Salim has endeavored to overlook the life in his hometown, Tehran, by composing his 6th album, namoWoman. An instrumental avant-prog and prog metal album, namoWoman hires microtonal Persian music influences while introducing a newly constructed language (conlang) named "l3abEl" (pronounced Babel) in which the album’s booklet is written.

Salim is a man of extremities while always seeking reconciliation and harmonization among the most remotely contradictory elements. So developing as a rock/metal artist in a rock alien environment in his hometown or expressing himself by personalized mediums like a conlang of his own, all come natural to his lifestyle. In his 2012 album, Salim has hired an expressionist microtonal approach toward art rock/metal that he describes himself as "empty spaces filled with occasional wild electric guitars and expressive melodies while having oriental dance elements undercover".

About the concepts behind namoWoman composition, Salim says "I have always found the assumption of impossibility an important trick against my mind – a human mind that usually prefers patterned and inductional methods of cognition." Salim adds: "As an artist, creating and experimenting with yet unexplored mental realms has always fascinated me and in order to trick my mind into pushing toward new possibilities, I like experimenting around fundamental concepts like human sexuality. Ideas like considering human sexuality beyond its dualistic nature let me to enter a new mindset and fascinations about worlds of non-Carbon based life, gradually fed my creativity for namoWoman. Maybe I can say this mindset forced my mind to respond on vital levels and challenge its own existence…"

The album cover features Carvaggio’s painting of Medusa, which according to Sigmund Freud is "the supreme talisman who provides the image of castration". Salim says: "namoWoman cover design is a symbolic representation as if the way of transforming dualistic conceptuality passes through castrating one’s sexual identity and reconstructing it anew. All songs in this album appear as perspectives of such creative realms".

Here, Persian music quarter tones are coming in between western music intervals – as Salim has outlined in a music theory article on his website, "Persian Modes: Reading Between the Lines of Western Music". While quarter tones harmonize namoWoman album’s musical language, the l3abEl conlang accompanying its booklet tries to establish the harmony in realm of words.

namoWoman is available in digital and CD format at

namoWoman is the name of a music album

Completed translations
Spanish namoWoman: Entre mundos de sexualidades, dualidades y tonalidades
Brazilian Portuguese namoWoman : entre mundos de sexualidades, dualidades e tonalidades
French namoWoman : entre sexualité, dualité et tonalités
Russian namoWoman: В перерывах между мирами сексуальности, двойственности и тональности.
German namoWoman: Zwischen Welten aus Sexualitäten, Dualitäten und Tonalitäten
Dutch namoWoman: tussen werelden van seksualiteiten, dualiteiten en tonaliteiten.
Romanian namoWoman: Între lumile sexualităţilor, dualităţilor şi a tonalităţilor
Turkish namoWoman : Cinsellik, ikilik ve tonalite dünyaları arasında
Swedish namoWoman : mittemellan världar av sexualitet, dualism och toner
Polish Pomiędzy światami seksualności, dwuznaczności i tonalności
Danish Imellem verdener af seksualiteter, dualiteter og toner
Source language
This translation request is "Meaning only".
Turkish Ahmaklıktan daha korkunç bir şey yoktur. Ahmak...
Ahmaklıktan daha korkunç bir şey yoktur.
Ahmak kişiler, düşüncesiz hareketlerinden dolayı çevresindekileri sürekli sıkıntıya sokar.

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English There is nothing more terrible...
Source language
Bulgarian Казвам се Г. Т. от град Варна, ...
Казвам се Г. Т. от град Варна, България. Искам да попитам за документите, които сме ви изпратили за виза до Канада, дали сте ги получили и дали сме ви изпратили всичко, което е нужно, защото изминаха 2 месеца, а ние нямаме отговор. Имате ли представа колко време ще отнеме процедурата до издаването на визата?

Благодаря ви.

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English My name is G. T., I am from Varna, ...
Source language
Bulgarian Хванати ръка в ръка
Хванати ръка в ръка,

те вървят в живота труден

и изглежда им сега

залезът спокоен, чуден.

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French La main dans la main
English Hand in hand
Brazilian Portuguese De mãos dadas
Source language
Farsi-Persian کمی استراحت کن، تجدید قوا کن، خستگی در کن.
کمی استراحت کن، تجدید قوا کن، خستگی در کن.
American English, Saudi Arabic

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English Get some rest, refreshment, take a ...
Source language
This translation request is "Meaning only".
Polish Hejka.  bardzo fajne zdjecia masz
Hejka.  bardzo fajne zdjecia masz

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Russian Привет. У тебя очень классные фотки.
Source language
Turkish Annesi 31 haftalık hamile. Bebek erken doğmak...
Annesi 31 haftalık hamile. Bebek erken doğmak istedi şuan hastanedeler

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English His/her mother
Source language
Turkish Hala magnet istiyor musun?
Hala magnet istiyor musun?

Completed translations
English Do you still want a magnet?
Source language
Turkish Evlenirsem gelin çiçeğim gül olacak
Evlenirsem gelin çiçeğim gül olacak

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English If I get married
Source language
Turkish Hazır ol tekrar gidiyorum!
Hazır ol tekrar gidiyorum!
tekrar van'a gidiyorum

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English Be ready
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