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הטקסט נגיש בשפות הבאות: אנגליתאיטלקיתהולנדיתפורטוגזיתפורטוגזית ברזילאיתיפניתרוסיתדניתסרביתערביתאלבניתעבריתטורקיתרומניתאספרנטויווניתספרדיתגרמניתאוקראיניתקטלניתסינית מופשטתסיניתבולגריתפיניתצרפתיתהונגריתקרואטיתפולניתשוודיתאנגליתליטאיתבוסניתנורווגיתאסטוניתברֵטוֹניתקוראניתפריזיתצ'כיתפארואזית לאטביתפרסיתלטיניתאיסלנדיתאינדונזיתסלובקיתקלינגוניתאפריקאנסגיאוֹרגיתמקדוניתתאילנדית
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Foreign language
נשלח על ידי cucumis
שפת המקור: אנגלית

When you don't know any foreign language, we allow you to use cucumis by giving you %p points every %d days (only when you log in and when you actually need them).

bûtenlanse talen

תורגם על ידי ela1986
שפת המטרה: פריזית

Asto gjin bûtenlanse taal kinst, stean wy dy ta cucumis te brûke troch dy elke %d dagen %p punten te jaan (allinich asto ynloggest en asto sy werklik nedich haste).
אושר לאחרונה ע"י Francky5591 - 9 יולי 2008 11:25

הודעה אחרונה


23 ינואר 2008 18:53

מספר הודעות: 3785
Hi ela, could you edit your translation and put somewhere %d ? Imagine that %p and %d are 2 numbers. They will be replaced by numbers once they are shown online. Thx

8 יולי 2008 23:07

מספר הודעות: 330
The above mentioned translation by ela1986 is made in Ostfrisian dialect, spoken in Germany.
The official Frisian language (to which also the flag points out) is spoken and written quite different. Ela1986 is aware of this already.
For reasons of accuracy, in my opinion you should replace the first translation with the this one.

"bûtenlanse talen"

Asto gjin bûtenlanse taal kinst, stean wy dy ta cucumis te brûke troch dy elke %d dagen %p punten te jaan (allinich asto ynloggest en asto sy werklik nedich haste)."

This way the website will be more like you probably want it to be.


9 יולי 2008 01:07

lilian canale
מספר הודעות: 14972
Hi jollyo, you are the Frisian expert, therefore you could correct the entire Frisian interface if you have some time for that. It would be of great help.
There is no use in calling for an admin for each and every wrong translation you find.

What do you think jp?

9 יולי 2008 11:45

מספר הודעות: 12391
Done! Thanks jollyo!

Yes, Lilian, this is a problem that isn't solved yet, we should know what to do about after JP answered (I'm going to "cc" him from here)

9 יולי 2008 11:51

מספר הודעות: 12391
Please JP could you tell us what to do here, it seems it isn't that simple editing Ostfrisian texts with Frisian any time it is notified by jollyo...Shouldn't we keep Ostfrisian under the Ostfrisian flag (there must be some, isn't it?) since there's already an existing interface for it? ... and ask jollyo to start translating the whole proper Frisian interface under this already existing official Frisian flag? That would be kind of fair with ela 1986 who worked on it, her work wouldn't be erased,what do you think?

9 יולי 2008 12:01

מספר הודעות: 12391
I found the Ostfrisian coat of arms :

 Ostfrisian flag.jpg

9 יולי 2008 12:15

מספר הודעות: 330
Let me know what you all decide.
Please also note that Ostfrisian is not a language. The administrators of this website should decide whether to include dialects to the website as well.