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תרגום - איטלקית-אנגלית - Se é triste, amalo.

מצב נוכחיתרגום
הטקסט נגיש בשפות הבאות: איטלקיתאנגלית

Se é triste, amalo.
נשלח על ידי Bamsa
שפת המקור: איטלקית

Se é triste, amalo.

If he is sad, love him

תורגם על ידי lilian canale
שפת המטרה: אנגלית

If he is sad, love him.
אושר לאחרונה ע"י Francky5591 - 20 ספטמבר 2008 14:00

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19 ספטמבר 2008 01:41

lilian canale
מספר הודעות: 14972
Hi Bamsa,

I'm curious about all these short requests following the same style...why didn't you pack them in a single request so that it would have been easier to get the meaning?

You see...some of them are translated using the pronoun "it", others like this one, understands "him".
It would be useful to make clear about whom the sentences talk about. Whether a person or an object. See what I mean?

19 ספטמבר 2008 18:46

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Hi lilian,

I don't know if it is about a person or an object. It is from one of those magnetic tings that you put on the fridge. You are right I should have put them in a single request.

But it is like this:

Regole della casa
Se é aperto, chindilo.
Se é per terra, raccoglilo.
Se é sporco, puliscilo.
Se ha fame, nutrilo.
Se é triste, amalo.

Maybe from this you can see if it is about an object or a person.

19 ספטמבר 2008 18:55

lilian canale
מספר הודעות: 14972
Well...if they are rules for the management of the house..they are probably commands on how to behave. (a students' hostel maybe...)

The first lines should refer to objects, but the last two (because of the verbs used) are probably talking about a person what doesn't make much sense.

But the translations (all) are correct the way they are.

Anyway, it wouldn't have made any difference gathering them in a sole request, the doubt would remain.