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Rezultoj 1 - 12 de proksimume 12
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Kroata Pod kopinom
Pod kopinom pod zelenom tam je nje mu spavati,
obe čal mi svilen robec, ne rad bi mi davati.
Ako njegva stara mati neće mi ga davati!

obe čal mi zlaten prsten, ne rad bi mi davati.

obe čal mi žute čižme, ne rad bi mi davati.
This is a folk song I will be performing with my choir soon. We'd like to know what we are singing and we would also like to provide a translation in our programme. The song has 3 verses, but only the second line is different so I have not repeated the first and the third lines.

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Angla Angla
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Čina 睇下你隻右手
cantonese, I suspect

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Angla Glance at your right hand
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Angla Boonanza
Dear C.,
I hope you are having a great time in the Far East! Don't forget to come back because we all miss you and I can't wait to play Boonanza!
Please leave Boonanza (the name of a game) untranslated ;-)

I would like to have the translation in Cantonese please, not Mandarin. Thanks a lot!

C/L = female names

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Čina simpligita 驳难砸 游戏
Angla wedding card
Dear A and S,

Many congratulations on your wedding day!
I wish you a very joyful day and a very happy future together.

Happiness is a direction, not a point.


Please translate as you would say it, in Italy, not trying to stay too close to my English. Thank you!

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Italia wedding card
Nederlanda Ik ben...
Hoe heet jij?
Ik ben...
ben je nieuw hier?
het is maandag.
het is dinsdag.
het is donderdag.
het is vrijdag.
het is zaterdag.
het is zondag.

dit is je arm.
dit is je hoofd.
dit is je been.
dit is je voet.
dit is je hand.
dit is je vinger.

Is dat je broer?
Hoe oud ben je?

Alles goed?
wat doe je voor hobby?
Ik versta je niet
<Admins remark> Single words removed from the request according to Rule #4

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Angla Learning Dutch
Angla Well done!
Dear Afshin,

Many congratulations on your book and your new title! It is well deserved!
I hope you are happy and proud and wish you all the best for the future.
Best wishes to Mojgan and Borna.

Warm greetings
This is a card I would like to send a friend from Tehran who will graduate. He has written a book and that will earn him the title of Doctor (PhD). The title is NOT the title of the book, but HIS new title of PhD!

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Persa lingvo آفرین
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Pola w smutku snade sens, w smiechu skryje sie, juz...
w smutku snade sens, w smiechu skryje sie, juz nie bedzie ciebieprzy mnie, wiem
ik wil deze vertaling graag in het nederlands

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Angla In the sadness I'll find a sense, in the laugh I'll hide...
Nederlanda In de droefheid...