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Danés Kære Brynhild Hjertelig til lykke med...
Kære Brynhild

Hjertelig til lykke med fødselsdagen og tusind tak for al din hjælp med div.!

Håber du får en god dag!

Mange hilsner

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Faroés Góða Brynhild
Idioma de origen
Inglés Tantine Donation
Tantine, expert and moderator of the free translation community (, has been fighting against cancer for years. She has a tight budget for medical treatments, so she opens the donation link (, and everyone who has a Visa or MasterCard credit card may help her, in whatever amount from cents to euros/dollars.
If you do not have a credit card, you may also contact her directly to see what you can help.

Happy New Year 2015!

Tantine's Blog:

Tantine's Facebook:
Please disseminate this information to your world.

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Español Donación para Tantine
Portugués brasileño Tantine Doação
Tailandés บริจากให้แก่แทนทีน
Alemán Tantine Spende
Turco Uzmanımız Tantine
Sueco Tantine - donation
Polaco Darowizna dla Tantine
Noruego Innsamling for Tantine
Portugués Doação Tantine
Griego βοηθείστε την Tantine
Danés Tantine Donation
Ruso Пожертвование для Тантайн
Rumano Donații pentru Tantine
Neerlandés donatie voor Tantine
Idioma de origen
Esta petición de traducción es "sólo el significado"
Inglés She came, she saw, she disappeared.
She came, she saw, she disappeared.

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Latín She came, she saw, she disappeared.
Rumano A venit, a văzut, a dispărut.
Griego She came, she saw, she disappeared.
Idioma de origen
Italiano A tutti voi auguro buone vacanze!
A tutti voi auguro buone vacanze!

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Faroés Eg ynski tykkum øllum eina góða feriu!
Idioma de origen
Inglés Key personnel at X
Key personnel at X
As one of the biggest companies in the Faroe Islands, X's highly qualified employees are experienced, well educated and well trained. Our key personnel counts:
A holds a Master of Science degree in international Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School. Mr. a has lived off the Faroe Islands for 12 years, working with Danish companies, mostly at an international level, in sales, consulting, and marketing. Mr. A joined X in 2007.
B holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Mr. B has studied and worked in Denmark for 11 years. He has been working in the areas of management accounting and control, finance and strategy in the Danish/Nordic telecom industry for six years. After returning to the Faroe Islands he worked as finance manager in the transportation and ship management business for four years, until he joined X in 2006.
C holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration and International Management as well as an AP Diploma in Software Engineering. Mr. C has lived off the Faroe Islands for 10 years, working and teaching within the fields og IT, business and education, and he has completed a variety of courses in HSEQ matters and ISO/OHSAS standards. Mr. C joined X in 2012.
Sales manager D
D has extensive sales experience from the B2B and B2C market. Mr. D has many years of experience in technical sales and in selling products and services that require high HSEQ standards. Mr. D is educated within marketing and international Communication. He has been working for a credit company in Denmark for two years and for 10 years as a Sales manager for Ford Motor Company in Faroes, before joining X in 2006.
Technical Manager E
E holds a degree in Marine engineering; furthermore, he is a certified electrician. Before joining X, mr. E worked at Tórshavn Shipyard where he gained extensive experience in building and refurbishing ship and heavy machinery. Mr. E joined X in 2002, when he started as a team leader in the technical department.
Operational Manager F
F has been with the company the last 30 years, specializing in distribution and bunkering. Mr. F holds abundand Shell courses on safety, HSEQ, and oil standards, and he is the most experienced bunkering and distribution foreman in the Faroe Islands.

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Ruso Ведущие специалисты в Х
Idioma de origen
Ucraniano Львівський Дракон
Львівський Дракон
ше до зара плює вогнем,
щодня о 21:00 за львівським часом

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Inglés The Lviv Dragon
Idioma de origen
Inglés Wanted: 40 to 50 year old Active, between 40...
Wanted: 40 to 50 years old.
Active, between 40 and 50 and lonely? Change your life today! Start for free!
It's never too late for love.
Start your new adventure here today
Free registration.
Click here for the site for active over 50 years old, looking for new love.
These translations will be used in an advertisement for a dating site for seniors. If you can improve the texts by making small changes, feel free to do so.

Prefered dialect for the French translation is "French from Belgium".

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Francés Recherché : actif/active de 40 à 50 ans, entre 40...
Danés Ønske: 40 til 50 år gammel.
Idioma de origen
Esta petición de traducción es "sólo el significado"
Faroés Ávaring: Hetta viðmerkingarískoytið virkar í...
Ávaring: Hetta viðmerkingarískoytið virkar í kompatibilitetsstøðu, men hevur ongi uppsløg enn. Umhugsa at áseta eitt explicit 'href' sum skotið verður upp í vegleiðing til viðmerkingarískoyti, so tú kanst nýta ískoytið til fulnar.
This text was written to me in reply to a comment I made yesterday regarding the brutal death of 30 pilot whales.
I expect it to be offensive/derogatory, although the message it responds to was polite and informative.
Thank you.

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Inglés Warning: this comments plugin is operating in compatibility mode ...
Idioma de origen
Faroés Hvar fanin hevur tu funni hasa mynduna av mær
Hvar fanin hevur tu funni hasa mynduna av mær

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Danés Hvor fanden har du fundet det der billede af mig?
Idioma de origen
Esta petición de traducción es "sólo el significado"
Faroés Hekklad blusa
Byrja vid at hekkla 48 luftmaskur og hekkla taer saman í ein ring vid eini ketumaskur.Hekkla sídani 48 stangmaskur (tvs. eina í hvörja luftmaskur í ringinum). Tann fyrsta stangmaskur er 3 luftmaskur.Enda umfaríd víd eini ketumaskur.Hetta endurtekur tú 12 umför

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Danés Hæklet bluse
Sueco Virkad blus
Idioma de origen
Danés Jeg har spist hvidløg. Giv mig tyggegummi.
Jeg har spist hvidløg. Giv mig tyggegummi.

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Faroés Eg havi etið hvítleyk. Gev mær tyggigummi.
Idioma de origen
Esta petición de traducción es "sólo el significado"
Faroés Sum tit eru fittar :) hetta má sigast at vera vinkonur.
Sum tit eru fittar :) hetta má sigast at vera vinkonur.
Before edit:
Ma tit eru fittar:) hettar má sigast eru vinkonur

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Danés Som I er søde :) Man kan sige at I virkelig er veninder.
Idioma de origen
Faroés Hundrað menn eru farin
Hundrað menn eru farin

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Danés Hundrede mænd er gået
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