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Tantine Donation
Texto a ser traduzido
Enviado por pluiepoco
Língua de origem: Inglês

Tantine, expert and moderator of the free translation community (, has been fighting against cancer for years. She has a tight budget for medical treatments, so she opens the donation link (, and everyone who has a Visa or MasterCard credit card may help her, in whatever amount from cents to euros/dollars.
If you do not have a credit card, you may also contact her directly to see what you can help.

Happy New Year 2015!

Tantine's Blog:

Tantine's Facebook:
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1 Janeiro 2015 01:35

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1 Janeiro 2015 21:02

Número de mensagens: 1516
Hi pluiepoco
Is this request approved by Tantine?

11 Janeiro 2015 00:31

Número de mensagens: 1516
pluiepoco ?

12 Janeiro 2015 08:14

Número de mensagens: 1257
I think it is good to promote this information in other languages. Her proper donation information is only available in English and French now, in her own version.

13 Janeiro 2015 01:50

Número de mensagens: 138
Well we can ask her.

I know some people from has always contributed as well as I have.
But is was on Ruth's fb so I think it would be okay.

30 Janeiro 2015 01:09

lilian canale
Número de mensagens: 14972
So do I. I'd release the request.

CC: Bamsa Francky5591

30 Janeiro 2015 12:52

Número de mensagens: 12385
I forwarded the link to Tantine to make sure she agrees. (in PM on FB ).

Anyway, pluie, this is very nice from you, but you may understand why we were hesitating to post this translation request (see Ernst's question)

30 Janeiro 2015 12:50

Número de mensagens: 12385
=> She agrees and thanks everybody (and especially Puiepoco). She appreciates it.

She said thanks to the family

31 Janeiro 2015 00:59

Número de mensagens: 1516
Very good I will add some Nordic requests as well