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Tafsiri - Kihispania-Kilatini - "Apología de Sócrates"

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"Apología de Sócrates"
Tafsiri iliombwa na thalyvm
Lugha ya kimaumbile: Kihispania

Pero no es difícil, atenienses, evitar la muerte,
es mucho más difícil evitar la maldad; en efecto, corre más deprisa que la muerte.
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Proviene del texto de "Apología de Sócrates"

"Apologia Socratis"

Ilitafsiriwa na alexfatt
Lugha inayolengwa: Kilatini

Sed mortem vitare, Athenienses, difficile non est,
malum vitare multo difficilius est; id enim celerius currit quam mors.
Ilisahihishwa au kuhaririwa mwisho na Aneta B. - 21 Februari 2011 23:02

Ujumbe wa hivi karibuni


19 Februari 2011 19:54

Aneta B.
Idadi ya ujumbe: 4487
Alex, don't you think it looks like a homework?

19 Februari 2011 19:59

Idadi ya ujumbe: 1538
I don't know, in Italy they never give as a homework to translate into Latin. Always from Latin.

19 Februari 2011 20:13

Aneta B.
Idadi ya ujumbe: 4487
Hm. Really? At Polish high schools it is also quite rare, but it is differently at universities. Some students have to translate into Latin a lot and their homeworks look often like this text above. Also when taking under consideration requester's age it is very possible to be a homework.
Anyway, since the translation has been already done and looks pretty good, I'd keep it this time.

19 Februari 2011 20:18

Idadi ya ujumbe: 1538
OK, thank you. I'll pay more attention next time.

19 Februari 2011 20:26

Aneta B.
Idadi ya ujumbe: 4487
You know, I'm just curious... If you really had never had to translate anything into Latin at your school, how it is possible that you are so excellent translator???

19 Februari 2011 20:43

Idadi ya ujumbe: 1538
Because of YOU, Aneta!!

You taught me a lot, I have been improving my skills with your help. You may remember that my first translations were not so good... you had to correct them a lot!

19 Februari 2011 20:52

Aneta B.
Idadi ya ujumbe: 4487
Oh, it was nice of you but I wouldn't really say that! Your translations proved your high level from the very beginning, even if sometimes they needed some corrections.
Ergo, care discipule mi, just keep on progressing like this!!

19 Februari 2011 21:38

Idadi ya ujumbe: 1
This wasn´t homework... actually it was only for fun... but thanks for worry about... and thank you for the translation =)

19 Februari 2011 21:39

Idadi ya ujumbe: 1538
Same to you, please keep your "teachingness"

20 Februari 2011 00:09

Aneta B.
Idadi ya ujumbe: 4487
"But it is not difficult, Athenians, to avoid death,
It is much harder to avoid evil, for it comes faster than death".

Could you tell me if it is a meaning of the Spanish sentence, Lilly? Thank you in advance!

CC: lilian canale

20 Februari 2011 03:07

lilian canale
Idadi ya ujumbe: 14972
comes --> runs