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7 Martie 2012 18:34  

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great! thank you dear Francky, see you around!

30 Martie 2012 00:31  

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Salut FRanck. Très contente de lire ton mot. Oui, c'est Pia qui l'a fait pour moi. Si tu pouvais m'envoyer le lien cela serait cool.
Toujours mal au dos - en faite,, une hernie discale aussi, qui me fait souffrir, - rv le 28 mai avec un specialist - qui doit décider si je dois aller dans un centre de réduc pendant 5 semaines ou me faire opérer.

J'ai décide aussi de me mettre à "vaper" - on verra bien.
Heureuse que ta mère aille bien - vraiment .

3 Aprilie 2012 02:58
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Hvad hedder du

7 Iunie 2012 08:44  

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Hello Franck!

I don't like the way you and other admins edit other members posts = / I wrote a reply under your question, explaining... and obviously YOU deleted it and replaced the message with my message on the Latin target page.

I'm sorry.... cucumis is not a site I want to be part of anymore. Could you please deactivate my account? THANKS

22 Iunie 2012 09:19  

Lev van Pelt
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Dear Francky,

I’d regret to have caused you to lose some time with our chats about “panoramas mouvants” and the mistranslated text by R. Waters. Nevertheless, as I know only two people here, and moreover, you are an administrator -and very polite-, I will dare to disturb you once more with another two questions:

May I ask a new target language for a text, and then proceed to translate it myself to that language?
Should this be allowed, could it be done with a text submitted by me?

The goal in both cases would be to present a couple of poems which I love, and would like to see translated into my own native languages in this populated and very interesting site.

Again, receive my best regards,


22 Iunie 2012 17:44  

Lev van Pelt
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Dear Francky,

I notice right now the little icon showing the previous message as, somehow, private.
So it has worked (and it did as well in other messages of mine)! Hurray! :-)


22 Iunie 2012 22:10  

Arnavut Biberi
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I just want to ask you something about French. I have created a new topic on forum but nobody has answered me, that's why I am bothering you now

I am going to start French courses soon, but I don't know if it will be really helpful for me or not, so the question is, what do you recommend for beginners?

25 Iunie 2012 11:58  

Lev van Pelt
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Cher Francky !

I'll respond to your long message as soon as I have the occasion -probably tomorrow, ‘cause I’ll be away from home till then.

My very best regards,

27 Iunie 2012 09:42  

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encore une fois, cucumis fait preuve de celerité

11 Iulie 2012 16:09  

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Hi Francky,
May be you remember that I told you some time ago about books I made with the help of cucumis.
Today I found a way to share the e-book "BRIDGE OF FRIENDSHIP APHORISMS WITHOUT BORDERS GERMAN ENGLISH FRENCH" ISBN 978-3-936603-03-3 with cucumis translators for free during the coming weekend July 14, and 15, 2012 at Amazon world wide.
For further info you may also look here:
If you find it appropriate I thank you for sharing the news with the other translators.
Best regards, Minny

12 Iulie 2012 11:14  

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Enjoy! ;-)

10 August 2012 01:01  

Lev van Pelt
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Cher Francky,

Just a little technical doubt:
I’ve been correcting, in several occasions, some of the multiple faults in the “[wiki] translations” into Catalan; and beginning to complete them. And I notice that, each time, I’m losing effective (current) points in my profile (more than 200 to this day; if I’m not wrong).
Is that normal?
Best Regards!

21 August 2012 05:38  

Lev van Pelt
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Oh yes! Our last 6 messages have been crossing all the time We were saying to each other the very same things.
I think that all is clear now.
Good night, Dear Francky!

24 Octombrie 2012 21:42  

Lev van Pelt
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Hola, Francky;

Hace unos días, cuando volví a conectarme a Cucumis, tras algo más de un mes de ausencia, me di cuenta de que han desaparecido enteramente unos doscientos mensajes de mi buzón de entrada –públicos y privados--. De hecho, todos los correspondientes a mi primer mes como afiliado (es decir, desde el 17 de Junio al 15 de Julio pasados)…
Incluso el “número de mensajes” que consta bajo mi alias en mi imagen o avatar ha cambiado de más de 500 (no recuerdo el número exacto, pero debía estar cerca de los 580) a 370.

¿Le ha ocurrido esto a alguien más? ¿Cómo se explica?...

(Siento escribir este importante mensaje en castellano, ya que pocos miembros lo entienden aquí en Cucumis, pero la verdad es que voy bastante justo de tiempo estos días; y de ahí que no haya dicho nada de esta pérdida hasta hoy mismo).
Según lo que tú me respondas, ya procuraré enviar una versión en inglés tan pronto como pueda.

¡Un abrazo y hasta pronto!

6 Noiembrie 2012 01:14  

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Encore un spammer :

Nombre de messages: 1

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Yours new friend.

18 Noiembrie 2012 16:36  

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Hi Francky

Yes, that's true. I opened 2 accounts, I can't even remember why (there was a problem with the first I think).
Anyway I didn't want to erase any of them since I did use both, and also got credit in both.

I don't mind closing one of them, if it's possible to transfer my credits and translations... Is it possible?


3 Ianuarie 2013 18:21  

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Ciao e buon anno; non ho capito: cos'è che ho infranto? Ho chiesto IO la traduzione, mettendo nelle note, il contesto, il perché ero nel dubbio e se andava bene come eventualmente avevo compreso il testo. Tutto qua. Ripeto: SONO IO CHE VOGLIO LA TRADUZIONE, SICURA. Grazie e a presto.

3 Ianuarie 2013 18:33  

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Ah!! è vero hai ragione, scusa, ora mi ricordo, è che proprio non ci avevo pensato in quel momento

25 Februarie 2013 08:53  

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Merci Franck.

24 Martie 2013 10:04  

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You have forgotten to edit members posts lately Franck.
Lots of 'unclickable links' ...

Obviously what you told some time ago wasn't really true.
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