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6 Toukokuu 2007 21:12  

Viestien lukumäärä: 98
שיהיה במזל טוב...

13 Toukokuu 2007 06:01  

Viestien lukumäärä: 7963
I couldn't edit your translation because I couldn't understand it. That's why I put a message under it with suggestions for how you could edit it, but you never responded, so I rejected it.

If you want, you can take a look at my comment and then try again.

13 Toukokuu 2007 17:08  

Viestien lukumäärä: 7963
Hi ahikamr

Here is where I put my comments and questions. If you change your profile settings to receive e-mail notification when someone writes something about one of your translations, you will always know when this happens.

It would be a lot easier for me, because I deal with a lot of translators and a lot of translations, if we could continue the discussion of your translation in the comments area under the translation (that way I'll always know which translation it's about!).

17 Toukokuu 2007 13:58  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1180
Shalom! I would appreciate your opinion. Please, first check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

20 Heinäkuu 2007 12:49  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1014
How's you?

I see you are an expert in Hebrew!
there are 3 Hebrew texts that have to be translated into dutch, but I don't speak any Hebrew, and I don't know if you can understand dutch,

could you might translate them into english?
so I can retranselate into dutch,

afterwards I give you 50% of the points, fair for us both, and the one who needs his translating can be happy!

This are the 3 texts,

צְדָקָה תְרוֹמֵם-גּוֹי; וְחֶסֶד לְאֻמִּים חַטָּאת


זןא חק מםו? מקרג נקך חןח צןח? חקרםקמ!!!! 'שא ךוך...

זןא חק מםו?
נקך חןח צןח?
'שא ךוך חק מםו?

חקרםקמת חק נקמא זם כובלןמע עקןך
שממקקר עששמ 'ק 'קקר קקמד כךןמל השמ נןך?
חק דאןקכצשצצש צשע םםל צקק גםקמ
שךך צט יםצקטד ןמ איק בךונ

גוד עש מםו מששר חק דאןקכצשצצש
נקמ יקקך קרע ארםאד םפ חק חקרםקמ

you don't have to translate it, if you don't want to, but it would be great if you would!!

thanks alot,

23 Heinäkuu 2007 13:22  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1014
oki, it's not like the most easy english text I've translated

thanks alot!

23 Heinäkuu 2007 13:27  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1014
I am not that religious, but I've found it


26 Elokuu 2007 03:51  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1621
could you tell me in english, what this phrase means:

אני מאחלת לך בריאות, אושר והצלחה בכל.


2 Marraskuu 2007 14:31  

Viestien lukumäärä: 1621
Thank you for the bridge-translations!
50%-points transfered ok.

All the best for you, greetings!

28 Tammikuu 2008 13:17  

Viestien lukumäärä: 515
I'm so sorry... they refused my translation but I don't know why...

24 Heinäkuu 2008 19:38  

lilian canale
Viestien lukumäärä: 14972
Hi ahikamr,
I need to ask you for a favor. Could you turn these texts into Hebrew to be used in the interface?

[8]NO VULGAR CONTENT Cucumis. org offers free read-write access to all users, including minors and will not accept requests containing offensive vocabulary or swearwords.

[9]OTHER LANGUAGES When requesting a translation into a language which is not listed, please specify in the remark field into WHICH language you want to have your text translated.

Thanks in advance.