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Servisch I ja tebe volim sreco moja, andjele puno.
I ja tebe volim sreco moja, andjele puno.
Skulle vilja ha detta översatt till svenska

Edited by maki_sindja.
Before edit: "I ja tebe volim shreco moja andele puno"

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Zweeds Jag älskar dig också min kära, min ängel, väldigt mycket!
Engels I love you too, my darling. Very much!
Braziliaans Portugees Ao Senhor Prefeito do município de Carceri
Ilustríssimo Senhor Prefeito do Município de Carceri, Padova, Itália.

Com enorme satisfação escrevo-lhe pela razão que segue. Meu nome é (nome), sou brasileiro e descendente de (nome), cidadão italiano, nascido nesse município na data de (data), imigrante italiano no Brasil em (data). Peço-lhe gentilmente que me envie a certidão de nascimento como também a certidão de casamento dele com a Sra. (nome), haja vista que necessito dessa documentação inicial para requerer a cidadania italiana. Sinto que, com isso, tenho a oportunidade de preservar minhas origens e conhecer um pouco mais da história dos meus bisavós. Carceri será certamente um dos lugares que pretendo conhecer na Itália.

Certo de que obterei breve resposta, aproveito para manifestar minha elevada estima e consideração.
Trata-se de uma carta ao "Comune" italiano para pedido de certidão de nascimento e casamento de descendente italiano.

O idioma alvo "inglês" foi escolhido para ajudar como ponte para a tradução para o idioma de interesse, no caso, o italiano.

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Engels Honorable Lord Mayor of...
Frans À l'âge de quatre ans, elle a été diagnostiquée...
À l'âge de quatre ans, elle a été diagnostiquée d'un trouble déficitaire de l'attention avec hyperactivité et elle prend du Ritalin depuis.
Le Ritalin est un médicament. Il est important qu'il soit clair qu'elle en prend encore.

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Portugees Com quatro anos
Engels At the age of four, she was diagnosed with...
Engels The more you sweat in peace
The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

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Grieks Όσο περισσότερο κοπιάσεις εν καιρώ ειρήνης
Duits Je mehr...
Engels Tantine Donation
Tantine, expert and moderator of the free translation community (, has been fighting against cancer for years. She has a tight budget for medical treatments, so she opens the donation link (, and everyone who has a Visa or MasterCard credit card may help her, in whatever amount from cents to euros/dollars.
If you do not have a credit card, you may also contact her directly to see what you can help.

Happy New Year 2015!

Tantine's Blog:

Tantine's Facebook:
Please disseminate this information to your world.

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Spaans Donación para Tantine
Braziliaans Portugees Tantine Doação
Thai บริจากให้แก่แทนทีน
Duits Tantine Spende
Turks Uzmanımız Tantine
Zweeds Tantine - donation
Pools Darowizna dla Tantine
Noors Innsamling for Tantine
Portugees Doação Tantine
Grieks βοηθείστε την Tantine
Deens Tantine Donation
Russisch Пожертвование для Тантайн
Roemeens Donații pentru Tantine
Nederlands donatie voor Tantine
Russisch Ты навсегда останешься в моих мыслях и снах.
Ты навсегда останешься в моих мыслях и снах.
Большое спасибо за помощь!

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Engels Within my thoughts and dreams
Latijn Manebis in meis cogitationibus...
Frans Je suis un puissant lobbyiste de la vape
Je suis un puissant lobbyiste de la vape
"vape" : "vaping" in English

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Engels I am a strong lobbyist for vaping.
Duits Am stärksten zu kritisieren ist das Fehlen vieler...
Am stärksten zu kritisieren ist, dass viele Informationen fehlen.

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Engels The strongest criticism
Engels Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game!...
Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game! It's the fastest, most colorful and most simple game you'll ever play!

Do you want something to play in between minutes? It just takes 30 seconds to play!

The screen is filled with shapes and you need to find the target as fast as possible! How fast are you? Can you beat the best scores on Earth? Can you beat all of your friends?

There are 108 levels, from an apple to a trombone! Complete challenges to earn keys to unlock levels!
App description for Google Play and Amazon. No specific requirements.

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Duits Shape Up ist das tempogeladene Wimmelbildspiel!
Frans Shape Up est un jeu d'objets cachés au rythme endiablé!
Zweeds Shape Up är det gömda snabbgående föremålsspelet
Nederlands Shape Up is een razendsnel zoekspel!
Portugees Shape Up é um jogo de objetos escondidos a ritmo acelerado! …
Braziliaans Portugees Shape Up é um jogo de objetos escondidos a ritmo acelerado! …
Vereenvoudigd Chinees Shape Up 是一个节奏明快的寻宝游戏!
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Engels And you are a foolish girl whose ...
And you are a foolish girl whose curiosity cursed the world. A foolish girl who will curse it again.


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Turks Akılsız bir kız
Engels Traditionally, the interaction between a citizen...
Traditionally, the interaction between a citizen or business and a government agency took place in a government office. With emerging information and communication technologies, it is possible to locate service centers closer to the clients. Such centers may consist of an unattended kiosk in the government agency, a service kiosk located close to the client, or the use of a personal computer in the home or office.
konu e-devlet ile ilgili.

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Turks Geleneksel olarak vatandaş veya işletme...
Duits Würfel-App

Diese App simuliert Ihre Spielwürfel. Einfach gehalten und leicht zu bedienen.

Diese App simuliert Ihre Spielwürfel. Sie können einen, zwei, drei, vier, fünf oder mehr Würfel anzeigen und durch berühren des Bildschirms neu würfeln. Diese App ist sehr einfach gehalten und zeigt einfach nur die Würfel an.
Es handelt sich hier um den Beschreibungstext einer App. Die erste Zeile ist der Name der App, die zweite Zeile eine Kurzbeschreibung, die maximal 80 Zeichen lang sein darf, die dritte Zeile ist eine etwas längere Beschreibung ohne Zeichenbeschränkung.

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Turks Zarlar
Engels Into the storm
Richard Armitage has been discussing what we can expect from the newly retitled Into The Storm and has hinted at some possible twists and turns in the series’ concluding instalment.

There’s a couple of big surprises,” teases Armitage, before going on to enthuse, “I think it will probably be quite a cinematic event
Into The Storm bir film ismi

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Turks Into The Storm
Engels mesalamin analizinde doğruluk
To check accuracy of the method, recovery studies were carried out by mixing standard drug solution to pre analyzed sample solution at three different levels 50%, 100% and 150%. Basic concentration of sample chosen was 20μg/ml of Mesalamine bulk drug solution to which 40and 60 μg/ml of Mesalamine tablet solution was added. These solutions were injected in stabilized chromatographic conditions in triplicate to obtain the chromatograms.

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Turks Doğruluk
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Engels Going with the assumption these boys are not...
Going with the assumption these boys are not twins, it is very plausible that Charles got sent to live with his biological father after being blamed for Ali’s injury. Mrs D had an affair with Bethany Young’s father, and I believe this is who Charles’ biological father is, and how Bethany is of any relevance. We know Wren’s father suffered metal health issues, and we know Bethany Young was a Radley patient; could this connect the two? MHI can be hereditary after all.
Merhaba, bir dizi hakkında bir teori metni bu, sadece anlamlarıyla çevirirseniz sevinirim. Paragraflar olarak ayrılmıştır. Benim için çok önemli, teşekkürler.

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Turks Bir varsayım yaparsak
Engels Cat in the Rain
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘under the table.’ Then, ‘Oh, I wanted it so much. I wanted a kitty.’
When she talked English the maid’s face tightened.
‘Come, Signora,’ she said. ‘We must go back inside. You will be wet.’
‘I suppose so,’ said the American girl.
They went back along the gravel path and passed in the door. The maid stayed outside to close the umbrella. As the American girl passed the office, the padrone* bowed from his desk. Something felt very small and tight inside the girl. The padrone made her feel very small and at the same time really important. She had a momentary feeling of being of supreme importance. She went on up the stairs. She opened the door of the room. George was on the bed, reading.
‘Did you get the cat?’ he asked, putting the book down.
‘It was gone.’

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Turks Yağmur Altında Kedi
Bulgaars zdravei! moje li da znam otkade nameri skaipa mi....
zdravei! moje li da znam otkade nameri skaipa mi. az ne govoria turski ezik.

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Turks Merhaba! Skype adresimi...
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Bulgaars Пожелавам ти да си много щастлив, всичките ти...
Пожелавам ти много здраве, защото то е най-важно, много щастие, защото ти го заслужаваш и нека всичките ти мечти да станат реалност.Бъди винаги добър и истински приятел, какъвто си сега, защото ти наистина си прекрасен човек.
Честит рожден ден!

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Turks Sana sağlıklı olmanı dilerim...
Bulgaars аз бях щастлива
Ти си първият мъж,който допуснах да се докосне до мен откакто съм обвързана.Това ме стресна и обърка,но аз бях щастлива.Не искам да ме забравиш,не искам та де забравя.

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Turks Başka birine bağli olduğumdan bu yana...
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