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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd
Opgestuurd door Cinderella
Uitgangs-taal: Nederlands

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.
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Happy birthday!

Vertaald door stukje
Doel-taal: Engels

Happy birthday!
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30 mei 2007 14:50

Aantal berichten: 972
Hi, kafetzou, I've got a problem here.
Why only "Happy birthday" in English? I know it's the normal phrase but you could say as well "My best wishes for your birthday" or something like that, can't you?
I think that there must be a shorter formula in Dutch as well, but I may be wrong...
The problem here is that I first refused a "Buon compleanno", whose notes said that in Italian we can just say so (and that's not true). Today I've found the same translation made by another user and I've refused that one as well, but the translator has told me she had translated from English.
So, the problems are two: 1. the English text, 2. the fact that the translation into Italian appears as being done from Dutch.
I don't know what to do, but it wouldn't have been fair if I had accepted today's translation, after refusing an identical one.

1 juni 2007 03:45

Aantal berichten: 7963
Yes, you can say "Best wishes on your birthday,", but we don't usually.
"Happy birthday" is by far the norm.

I can't speak for Dutch.