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Vertaling - Japans-Engels - 「いいか、ついてきてはならんぞ!

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Opgestuurd door srsmith188439
Uitgangs-taal: Japans

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This text is from a video game and I can't seem to translate it on my own. My reading comprehension is getting better, but by listening is not good. Without kanji, I have a difficult time reading. If you could provide me with a breakdown of each word and particle, that would really help me learn for the future. (american english)

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Don't follow me, okay?

Vertaald door IanMegill2
Doel-taal: Engels

Listen, you'd better not follow me!
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A more polite version would be:

But a gruff male would say 「ならんぞ」at the end.

To be perfectly frank, without a context, I don't who (or what) you're not "supposed to follow", because Japanese doesn't need to specify the subject (as you probably know already). ^_^
25 december 2017 04:48