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Молбата е за превод само на смисъла.
Предоставено от mariyandoychev
Език, от който се превежда: Немски

Bei diesem angebot handelt es sich um das komplette auto aber ohne motor und ohne getriebe


Преведено от milvag
Желан език: Български

Това предложение важи за цялата кола, без мотора и двигателя.
Забележки за превода
Тоест - без скоростната кутия и мотора.
За последен път се одобри от ViaLuminosa - 28 Февруари 2009 21:30

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27 Февруари 2009 21:27

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...за цялата кола, но без мотора и двигателя.

13 Март 2009 07:45

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I have no comment

13 Март 2009 07:53

casper tavernello
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Why did you call an admin, itsatrap100?

CC: itsatrap100

13 Март 2009 08:02

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I don't know, what does that Bulgarian say?

13 Март 2009 08:06

casper tavernello
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I don't know. But, I can't see why you are interested in it.

You must call an admin when there's a problem with the page.

13 Март 2009 08:19

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The submission contains words that have so many possible translations and a Bulgarian translation that I think is incorrect. "Getriebe" is a gearbox, or it could be an entire transmission, or gearing. Not enough context to translate correctly.

за цялата кола, но без мотора и двигателя
the whole car, but without the motor and engine ??

13 Март 2009 08:22

casper tavernello
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Ok. I'll call the expert in charge for you.

CC: ViaLuminosa

13 Март 2009 10:27

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Never mind.

13 Март 2009 10:33

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Hi Itsatrap. I had translated this one like follows:
=="a complete car without engine and gearbox, but it was rejected".

CC: itsatrap100

13 Март 2009 12:38

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Hi there. Itsatrap, as far as I don't speak German, as an expert I rely entirely on the opinion of qualified others, who voted for this being right...