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hola! cómo estas? cuál es tu nombre? dónde...
Submitted by romeobuscajulieta
Source language: Spanish

hola! cómo estas?
cuál es tu nombre?
dónde vives?
cuántos años tienes?
a que te dedicas?
cual es tu musica hindu favorita?

Hello! How are you?

Translated by aerozx
Target language: English

Hello! How are you?
What is your name?
Where do you live?
How old are you?
To what are you dedicated to?
What is your favorite type of music?
Remarks about the translation
I'm not sure about the word "hindu" in the last sentence, but if you're asking about hindu as a type of music, it would read: What is your favorite hindu music?
The rest of these sentences are elementary Spanish.
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