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Translation - English-French - Meet José - A Lovable Anti-Hero

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Meet José - A Lovable Anti-Hero
Submitted by duhifat
Source language: English

Meet José - A Lovable Anti-Hero.
Sliding-Block Puzzles are redefined.
Solve 60 Insane Puzzles!
Remarks about the translation
This is some promo text for my iPhone game.

1. Jose is an anti-hero, and being introduced
2. This game redefines the sliding-block puzzle genre

Rencontre José - Un Sympathique Anti-Héro

Translated by Skogtroll
Target language: French

Rencontre José - Un Sympathique Anti-Héro
Le puzzle à pièces coulissantes revu et corrigé
Solutionne 60 Puzzles déments!
Remarks about the translation
litteraly : "les puzzles à pièces coulissantes sont redéfinis"
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