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Hola mi Amor
Submitted by Shanelly
Source language: Spanish

Hola mi Amor. Sólo pasé para decirte lo mucho que te amo y que pase lo que pase, nunca te voy a dejar de amar. Te amo mucho y a pesar de los muchos obstáculos que nos rodean seguiremos adelante porque nuestro amor es más grande que todos ellos. Te amo bebé, nunca lo olvides.
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diacritics edited by <Lilian>

American English requested.

Hello my love

Translated by lilian canale
Target language: English

Hello my Love. I just passed through to tell you how much I love you, and whatever happens I'll never stop loving you. I love you so much and despite the many obstacles which surround us we'll go ahead because our love is greater than all of them. I love you baby, never forget that.
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8 October 2008 13:22

Number of messages: 55
"passed through"? ... "solo pasé" means actually: " I just came" or "I just called"

8 October 2008 14:16

lilian canale
Number of messages: 14988
Hi mimarspre,

When you want to mean that you just come to someplace not with the intention of staying (just a quick visit), in English you say: I just passed by/through.
If you say: "I just came/called" may be understood as: "I came/called just a while ago"

8 October 2008 14:17

lilian canale
Number of messages: 14988
See what I mean?

CC: mimarspre

8 October 2008 14:26

Number of messages: 55
Ahhhh Okey :o) I got it Lilian. I just knew the other meaning :P thank you for the explanation :o)

8 October 2008 14:27

lilian canale
Number of messages: 14988
Entonces, creo que ya puedes cambiar tu voto...

8 October 2008 16:02

Number of messages: 55
Perdoooonnnn!!! ya lo he hecho, perdona que no lo hiciera antes pero no sabía que se podía cambiar el voto (yo, sonrojándome), después de ver cucumis de forma detenida y crítica he encontrado la "fórmula" para hacer el cambio :P , es el problema cuando eres nuevo, tienes que familiarizarte con todo :P . Listo, cambio hecho. Saludos y un beso