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Category Song - Love / Friendship

Vivo per lei
Submitted by cacue23
Source language: Italian

Vivo per lei da quando sai
La prima volta l'ho incontrata
Non mi ricordo come ma
Mi é entrata dentro e c'é restata
Vivo per lei perché mi fa
Vibrare forte l'anima
Vivo per lei e non è un peso
E'una musa che ci invita
Attraverso un pianoforte la morte è
Lontana io vivo per lei
E un pungo che non fa mai male
Vivo per lei lo so mi fa
Girare di città in città
Soffrire un po ma almeno io vivo
Vivo per lei dentro gli hotels
Vivo per lei nel vortice
Attraverso la mia voce
Si espande e amore produce
Vivo per lei nient'altro ho
E quanti altri incontrerò
Che come me hanno scritto in viso
Sopra un palco o contro ad un muro
Anche in un domani duro
Ogni giorno una conquista
La protagonista sarà sempre lei
Vivo per lei perchè oramai
Io non ha altra via d'uscita
Perche la musica lo sai
Davvero non l'ho mai tradita
Vivo per lei la musica
Vivo per lei è unica
Remarks about the translation
This is a song in both French and Italian, and I picked only the Italian parts.

In the lines "Attraverso un pianoforte la morte è Lontana io vivo per lei", I checked that "lontana" means "far". Would it make more sense to put lontana in the top line to make "la morte è lontana" to mean, as I suppose, "death is far away", or does lotana have the meaning of "forever" (thus keeping it where it is to mean "forever I live for you")?

I live for it

Translated by goncin
Target language: English

I live for it, you know,
Since the first time I met it
I don’t remember how, but
It invaded me and stayed there
I live for it because it makes my soul
Thrill intensely
I live for it, and that's not a burden
It’s a muse who invite us
Through a piano. Death is
Far away. I live for it
It's a sting which doesn't hurt me
I live for it, I know it makes me
Spin from city to city
Suffer a little but at least I live
I live for it within hotels
I live for it in a whirl
Through my voice
Spreding out and producing love
I live for it, I have nothing else
And how many other people will I meet
Who like me, have written on their faces
On a stage or on a wall
Even on a tough Sunday?
Every day a conquest
The protagonist will always be it
I live for it because by now
I don’t have another way out
Because the music, you know that
I haven’t ever betrayed it, indeed
I live for it, the music
I live for it, it’s unique
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5 September 2008 21:27

Number of messages: 312
Ok... It sounds kinda weird in some places...

5 September 2008 21:58

Number of messages: 3705
Yes. Some verses are unrelated to the preceeding and the following ones...

CC: cacue23

5 September 2008 22:32

Number of messages: 312
I don't know... I simply copied it off the website...

Here's the website:

17 September 2008 15:30

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'vivo per lei' means 'I live for her, doesn't it?

17 September 2008 15:31

Number of messages: 3705
Have you read it to the end, Lein?

17 September 2008 15:39

Number of messages: 3385
Ah, apologies, almost but I was too hasty.
Yes, you're right, I guess you'd have to refer to music as 'it' in English.