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Amor Vittorioso - Balletto
Submitted by wkn
Source language: Italian

Tutti venite armati o forti miei soldati
Io son l'invit Amore giusto saettatore
non temete punto.
Ma in bella schiera uniti
me seguitate arditi.
Sembrano forti heroi quei che son contra voi.
Ma da chi sa ferire non si sapran schermire
non temete punto.
Ma corragio si e forti
siat' a la pugne accorti.
Remarks about the translation
A text from the renaissance, set to music by Giovanni Gastoldi (1550-1622). British English preferred.

Winning Love - Madrigal

Translated by Cammello
Target language: English

Come all ye, armed, My hardy soldiers!
Fa la la
I am Love indomitable, The righteous archer.
Do not fear in the slightest,
But in a beautiful battle line united,
Keep up the fight, lusty ones!
Fa la la
They seem strong heroes, Those arrayed against you.
Fa la la
But from those who know how to wound, They will know not how to defend.
Do not fear in the slightest,
But, bold and strong,
Be shrewd in battle!
Fa la la
Remarks about the translation
It's a translation found on the web. It's a wiki, so it's a free use, with no copyright.

Here you are the link!

I think it's a waste of time to translate it again form the beginning.
First because it's already translated and we have no problem about laws and copyright.
Second because the translation is right.
Third because the statement in website asks to don't use auto-translator...not to don't find the translation on the web if it could help the users

i repeat...i'm italian and english speaker: the translation is right, i'm sure about it.
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