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Translation - Brazilian Portuguese-French - Eu sei que vou te amar...

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Eu sei que vou te amar...
Submitted by Máira
Source language: Brazilian Portuguese

Eu sei que vou te amar...
Remarks about the translation
apenas a tradução ao pé da letra
é para uma tatuagem

Je sais que je vais t'aimer

Translated by italo07
Target language: French

Je sais que je vais t'aimer
Remarks about the translation
l'expression est la même que pour la version portugaise. ("je vais t'aimer" = "je t'aimerai")
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16 January 2008 08:38

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Fracky, could you please tell me if in the original or in Frech the verb appears with the future form? I mean is this " I know that I will love you"?
Thank you

CC: Francky5591

16 January 2008 17:47

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Yes, charisgre, in French (like in Portuguese) "Je vais + infinitive"/"eu vou + infinitive is an equivalent to the future tense.
You're welcome!