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Original text - French - Métier de mon grand-père

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Métier de mon grand-père
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Submitted by extacy_ender
Source language: French

Métier de mon grand-père
14 December 2007 22:50

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17 December 2007 18:50

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Hi Francky, can you do a bridge in English for me, here? Thank you very much, appreciate the help.

CC: Francky5591

17 December 2007 18:56

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Job of my grandfather

17 December 2007 20:27

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I'd say that "métier" refers to "trade" as a (usually manual) skilled job rather than simply "job" as an employment.

What do you guys think?

18 December 2007 08:19

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Hello! sorry not having answered earlier, I wasn't logged in last evening...

Sure! guilon is right.
so Bamsa, it is "my grandfather's trade".

(Wow, what a nice avatar you got here Bamsa!(but this isn't an "Ursuletz" anymore, this is the "kingsize" version!)