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Heureux soient les fêlés, car ils ...
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Lingua originale: Francese

Heureux soient les fêlés, car ils laisseront passer la lumière.

Beati coloro che hanno la mente incrinata...

Tradotto da Maybe:-)
Lingua di destinazione: Italiano

Beati coloro che hanno la mente incrinata, perché lasceranno passare la luce.
Note sulla traduzione
"incrinatura" = rottura con i bordi ancora uniti. Attraverso un'incrinatura può passare aria, acqua e luce. Ritengo che il senso del testo possa essere quello di "mente incrinata", anche figurativo, il che mi sembra rendere abbastanza correttamente il doppio senso della parola "fêlés" anche pensando al corrispondente termine inglese "cracked (up)".
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27 Maggio 2009 10:21

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Some edit to be done here, ali84, unless "coloro che sono incrinati" means "a bit crazy", which was meant in the French text.
About "fêlés", this is a substantive that is used in French slang for "crazy people"

Thanks to edit with an equivalent in Italian

CC: ali84

27 Maggio 2009 10:47

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Dear Francky5591! Thanks for your observations about the word "fêlés". Actually I knew the common signification of that word, but I assumed that it could make sense even in its ground meaning. In italian we have "incrinato" to indicate "broken but still composed" and I can't rememebr a figurative meaning of this word. In the case you mentioned I should propose the translation "un po' pazzi" or "un po' matti", but in this case it could be more difficult to me to understand the sense of "laisseront passer la lumière", unless it could have in this case a figurative sense too (e.g.: meaning "to be illuminated" by something or someone). I would be therefore grateful, in case my translation shoul not be accepted, to know how it could be tramnslated into English in order to try to make another (and better) Italian translation. Saluti/Regards. M. :-)

27 Maggio 2009 10:59

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Yes, this is the way second part of this text is to be understood as well. About an English version, I wouldn't do it myself, as it is not obvious to do so for me (I translate from English into French, translating from French into English will be much easier to a perfect bilinguist that masters English idiomatic expressions well -I don't-)

Tantine, could you help with that French text and provide a bridge to Maybe:-) ?
Thanks a lot!

CC: Tantine

27 Maggio 2009 14:46

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Hi Francky, Hi Maybe

In English, finding a translation for "fêlés", since the word "cracked" covers both the can be used both for broken crockery and for unstable minds.

I'm not sure that there is an "official" saying in English.

I would say "Only cracked up people can let the light shine through"

By the way, I must be really luminous because I am really cracked myself


27 Maggio 2009 15:09

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Thank you Tantine. Well... after those explanations, I could conclude that the substantive "incrinatura" or the verb "incrinare" could have both meanings in this case... Maybe I could add the corrispondent word for "mind" => "mente" and the translation could appear as follows: "Beati coloro che hanno una mente incrinata, perché lasceranno passare la luce". I could imagine that the sentence in this case could have a subtly ironic or sarcastic meaning, but maybe this was the sense that the author wanted to express in his statement. If you and Francky5591 think that it could be a good translation proposal I am ready to edit it this way. Best regards. M.:-)

27 Maggio 2009 15:43

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Hi Maybe

I think you are right, in the French version the subtle irony and sarcasm are both present, so it would be good if the same "ambiguity" transpires in the Italian version.


27 Maggio 2009 15:55

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OK, Tantine! I will try to to edit the translation as agreed. Hugs. M.:-)

27 Maggio 2009 18:00

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I'll reaccept your translation, Maybe:-)

It's ok, ali84, problem is solved!

Thanks for the help, Tantine!

31 Maggio 2009 12:01

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Thanks Francky, and thanks Tantine for the explanation

31 Maggio 2009 13:45

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Thanks Francky5591! And thanks to Ali84 and Tantine. I wish you all a very nice Sunday! :-) M. :-)

31 Maggio 2009 14:09

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You're welcome, Maybe:-) ! Have a nice day too!