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Angla Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game!...
Shape Up is the fast pace hidden object game! It's the fastest, most colorful and most simple game you'll ever play!

Do you want something to play in between minutes? It just takes 30 seconds to play!

The screen is filled with shapes and you need to find the target as fast as possible! How fast are you? Can you beat the best scores on Earth? Can you beat all of your friends?

There are 108 levels, from an apple to a trombone! Complete challenges to earn keys to unlock levels!
App description for Google Play and Amazon. No specific requirements.

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Germana Shape Up ist das tempogeladene Wimmelbildspiel!
Franca Shape Up est un jeu d'objets cachés au rythme endiablé!
Sveda Shape Up är det gömda snabbgående föremålsspelet
Nederlanda Shape Up is een razendsnel zoekspel!
Portugala Shape Up é um jogo de objetos escondidos a ritmo acelerado! …
Brazil-portugala Shape Up é um jogo de objetos escondidos a ritmo acelerado! …
Čina simpligita Shape Up 是一个节奏明快的寻宝游戏!
Hispana Al comprar cualquiera de los combos ofrecidos,...
Al comprar cualquiera de los combos ofrecidos, estos pueden escalar en número de estaciones telefónicas, número de estaciones de carga manual, número de estaciones de entrevistas móviles, etc. O pueden ser actualizados a la versión Empresarial y/o Ilimitada cuando sea requerido.

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Brazil-portugala Ao comprar qualquer dos combos oferecidos,…
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Angla Google Tradutor
If you do not think you will use Facebook again and would like your account deleted, we can take care of this for you.
Se achar que não vai usar o Facebook novamente e desejar excluir sua conta, cuidaremos disso para você.

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Brazil-portugala Cancelamento de conta do Facebook
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Serba danas moram da sedim
danas moram da sedim
samo kako se kaze na romskom jeziku

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Rumana Acum trebuie să stau jos.
Italia Ora devo sedermi.
Rusa Сейчас я должен присесть.
Turka Sırpça değil Bosnakça bir metin
Franca Maintenant...
Brazil-portugala agora eu tenho que sentar-me
Angla chat with friends
You're sitting behind me, why didn't you wake me upe!?

you have your brunch already, right?

then, please endure it

'Since you don't finish it'

'Please make it up as soon as possible if both of you are quarreling.'

'if you're going to do that, i'll make lunch for you!'

'Both of them are just too dumb to understand...'
Estava tentando traduzir um diálogo de inglês para português para uso próprio, para ler.

O contexto é uma conversa entre amigos, em uma escola, onde estão fazendo um ''lanche'' no intervalo.

Até onde traduzi, o personagem 1 está sem almoço, pois dormiu demais e a cafeteria vendeu tudo nesse tempo.

As outras frases são soltas no diálogo, que eu não entendi.

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Brazil-portugala Conversa entre amigos.
Italia Buongiorno amico mio, cosa si racconta in...
Buongiorno amico mio,
cosa si racconta in Brasile?
di cosa ti occupi?
bel paesaggio
grazie per l'amicizia

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Brazil-portugala Bom dia, meu amigo
Angla My friend are most important
My friend are most important

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Brazil-portugala A importância de meus amigos.
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Greka γεια σας θα ήθελα να μάθω μια ξένη γλώσσα .......
γεια σας θα ήθελα να μάθω μια ξένη γλώσσα .... ευχαριστώ!!!

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Franca Bonjour, je voudrais apprendre une langue étrangère.
Germana Gruess Euch, Ich wuerde gern eine fremde Sprache lernen.....Danke schoen!
Angla For use with liquid propane gas grills only.
For use with liquid propane gas grills only.
To tell french and spanish speaking people that the included hose and regulator is for LP gas grills only

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Franca grill
Angla Message to French friend
Careful my friend. Rudolph is cheating on you.

He has another girlfriend in England.

I know you both, but I cannot tell you who I am, sorry. I just wanted to let you know.
The story behind this text is that a group of us have a friend who is cheating on his girlfriend (who is also our friend), and we have decided to message her anonymously to let her know, as it has got pretty bad. However if we message her in English, she will suspect it was one of us that messaged her, so its best we message her in her native language (french).

This needs to be translated in the form that someone would write a casual message to a friend by text message. Also note that the 'friend' is female so would be 'Amie' as appose to 'Ami' I am guessing??

This need to be in French from France.

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Franca traduction
Brazil-portugala Contas invadidas
Meu celular, meus emails, minhas redes sociais e todas as minhas contas online estão hackeadas.

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Angla Hacked accounts
Germana „Im Anbeginn des Geschäftsverkehrs steht der...
Doch drucken durften sie nicht, dafür gab es keine Lizenz. Die gab es nur für eine Vervielfältigungsanstalt. Erforderlich war eine Reproduktionskamera. Porst: "Wir hatten aber nur eine normale Kamera. Die tauschte ich gegen eine Sau. Die Sau ging weg für eine Reprokamera, und damit brachte sie mir 50 Prozent der Firmenanteile."
BOnjour, je suis passionné - non commercial - par l'histoire des appareils photo. Un très gros vendeur allemand s'appelait Photo-Porst. Je rédige actuellement un historique de celui-ci en m'aidant de vieux catalogue POrst et d'articles de Presse (Der Spiegel). J'ai scanné (OCR) des pages dont je souhaite la traduction.

Merci par avance.

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Franca «Au début du commerce est le ...
Angla the results starts from minimum value then...
the results starts from minimum value then increasing to a certain point after that it drops down again because of the loss of the regularity between (r) and weight coefficients ,while in wJ , wX the result making the shape of wave or W showing a regularity in the variation of the pattern in the increasing and decreasing point.

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Rusa the results starts from minimum value then... Русский перевод
Italia Lasciar d'amarti.
Lasciar d'amarti per non penar, caro mio bene, non si puo far, no, caro non si puo far, lasciar d'amarti per non penar, caro mio bene, caro mio bene non si puo far. A forza di pene, di strali e catene non voglio lasciarti ti voglio adorar, si, si, ti voglio, ti voglio adorar.

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Franca Arrêter de t'aimer.
Rumana Draga doamna profesoara
Draga doamna profesoara,
V-as ruga din tot sufletul sa luati in considerare stradania mea de a face aceasta scrisoare, avand in vedere situatia pe care o stiti si dumneavoastra ca o am si sa ma treceti clasa deoarece am deja doua corigente si nu as vrea sa raman repetent. Daca ma treceti va promit ca o sa fiu mai cuminte anul viitor si o sa-mi tin gura inchisa la ore
Cu drag Nedelcu
Traducerea sa fie facuta in franceza vorbita in Franta

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Franca Chère madame professeure
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Angla Iraqi Vice-President on Tackling ‘Security...
Iraqi Vice-President on Tackling ‘Security Chaos,’ Coalition Pullout, Government

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Franca Le vice président irakien confronté au chaos
Angla During the course of its preliminary research,...
During the course of its preliminary research, the working group was struck with
how the concept of a hospital library differs so in different parts of the world. It
found, for example, that in some countries, the term 'hospital library' almost
always signified a biomedical/health science.

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Bosnia lingvo U toku svog preliminarnog istraživanja
Hispana Muchos besos por ser tan simpatica además de...
Muchos besos y gracias por ser tan simpática además de cantar tan bien.

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Bosnia lingvo Mnogo poljubaca
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