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Franca J’espère que vous allez bien. Je ...
J’espère que vous allez bien. Je suis Nora. J’ai travaillé chez vous quelques mois, mais j'ai malheureusement dû quitter subitement mon travail dans votre chalet, car ça se passait mal, surtout avec Laurent.

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Angla I hope that you are well. I am Nora...
Angla Congratulations! you are doing really great!
Congratulations! you are doing really great!
This is something to cheer up the player and let him know he is progressing really nicely in the game, and I would like to reward him/her.

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Brazil-portugala Parabéns! Você está indo muito bem!
Hispana ¡Felicidades! ¡Vas muy bien!
Franca Félicitations! Vous vous ...
Kataluna Enhorabona! Ho estàs fent realment bé!
Italia Complimenti!
Turka ben hollanda vatandasligina gececegim.turk...
Ben Hollanda vatandaşlığına geçeceğim. Türk pasaportumun süresi de bitmek üzere. Türk vatandaşlığından çıkacağım için Türk pasaportumun süresini yine de uzatmak zorunda mıyım?

Before edits: Ben Hollanda vatandasligina geçeceğim.Türk pasaportumun süreside bitmek üzere Türk vatandaslığından çıkacağım icin Türk pasaportumun suresini yinede uzatmak zorundamıyım.

Bridge by Mesud2991: I will adopt Dutch nationality. The validity of my Turkish passport is about to expire. As I am going to renounce Turkish nationality, do I have to extend the validity of my Turkish passport after all?

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Nederlanda De nationaliteit opgeven
Turka Welke documenten legaliseren?
Bana göndermiş olduğunuz evrakların üzerine yukarıda yazan apostil şerhini boşandığınız mahkemeden almanız gerekiyor.
Ayrıca evrakların konsolosluk onaylı tercümesi gerekiyor.
Bu evraklar tamamlandıktan sonra davanız bitecek.
Apostil şerhini mutlaka almanız gerekiyor.
Deze tekst kregen we van Advokaat in Turkije. We hebben iets nodig met een stempel(apostille) maar welke documenten.
Graag in de Nederlandse taal

Bridge by Mesud2991: Concerning the documents you submitted to me, you must receive the Apostille endorsement from the court where you divorced. Besides, the consulate approved translation of the documents is needed. After these documents are finished, your case will end. You have to receive the Apostille endorsement without fail.

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Nederlanda stempel en vertaling
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Japana 倒れた子どもを会抱した。
Hopefully some kindly people here might be able to help with my attempt to learn the Kanji, this comes from Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-Kun, there are a lot more where this came from, and I'm putting them into an srs friendly format. Google translate is just not up to the task!

In romanji it reads...

taoreta kodomo mo kahou shita.

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Angla nursing
Brazil-portugala Confie e Espere
Confie e Espere
Preciso gravar uma pulseira com esta frase em latim.

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Latina lingvo confide et spera
Greka Εμπιστέψου και περίμενε
Hebrea בטח וקווה
Brazil-portugala Entrego a ti minha alma e meu ...
Entrego a ti minha alma e meu coração.

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Hebrea אני נותן לך את נשמתי וליבי
Angla A Musician's Press Coverage
"The music has from time to time the same darkness as we know from Univers Zero." -Iconophobic album review
"[It is] far removed from the avant-garde parts of any musical universe"
"You need to tread carefully if you are entering the Iconophobic world of Salim. You have been warned."
"Iconophobic is a strong statement from Salim on life in his home city of Tehran."
"Without information freely given, the visceral heart of the creator will serendipitously change you."
"Without ever becoming predictable, and taking care to add in the odd dissonant or arhythmic segment, the gritty guitars and swirling violins create stunning contrasts..."
"...Hendrix and Santana have also obviously instructed the phenomenal axe genius that Salim truly is."
"After careful listening I really wasn't able to find any particular artists that have influenced them more than others, or indeed pinpoint any specific influences at all."
1. "axe" is a slang word for guitar.
2. "Iconophobic" is the name of a music album. (Please don't translate this word.)

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Hispana Cobertura de prensa de un músico
Italia Rassegna Stampa su un Musicista
Rumana Revista presei despre un muzician
Brazil-portugala Cobertura de imprensa de um músico
Rusa ОБзор музыкальной Прессы
Dana En musikers pressedækning
Sveda En musikers pressbevakning
Bulgara Преглед на музикалната преса
Pola Recenzje prasowe
Norvega En musikers pressedekning
Turka Müzisyenin Basın Eleştirisi
Hebrea כיסוי תקשורתי של מוזיקאי
Angla Notes on a Music Album #3
In Ustuqus-al-Uss album I somehow inclined to jazz fusion and classic instrumentation. I think the eastern “blend” still dominates e.g. in “Ustuqus-al-Uss-al-Avvalin” which I think is the most progressive song I have ever composed (The second catchy guitar solo is performed by Pouyan). Some songs are extremely personal e.g. “Naught been I thou” which is an off-beat jazzy tune with unusual dance elements... These songs are my utmost fears and hopes - to a degree that made me mute from communicating by words. And thus they become instrumental sounds...
1. The word "progressive" in the phrase "the most progressive tune I have ever made" refers to "progressive rock genre". It means the tune that contains the most "progressive rock" tendencies.
2. "song" and "tune" are synonyms in this text

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Hispana Notas sobre el Album #3
Rusa О новом альбоме
Italia Note sull'album #3
Franca Remarques sur l'album de musique n°3
Nederlanda Over Muziek Album #3
Norvega Notater om musikk album #3
Pola Komantarz do albumu muzycznego #3
Sveda Anteckningar kring ett musikalbum #3
Germana Notizen zum Musikalbum #3
Dana Notater om Musik Album #3
Turka Albüm Hakkında Notlar
Hebrea הערות על אלבום מוסיקה מס. 3
Angla Notes on a Music Album #2
"Sovereign" is an instrumental recitation of Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings) i.e. an extensive Persian epic poem written by Ferdowsi as a collection of Persian mythologies. Here you will find western rock instrumentation with eastern flavor. Some songs, I think, are apt to be adapted for traditional Iranian dance; especially “Sovereign” and “Harem” tracks. Actually, I am looking forward to the choreographic performance adaptations for this work whenever possible. Imagine Iranian "Coffee-house paintings" and belly dance with distorted guitars performing cheerful rhythms... Unusual combination? No, to me that sounds all natural!
"Sovereign" is name of a music album.

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Hispana Anotaciones en un álbum musical #2
Italia Note ad un Album Musicale #2
Franca Notes de l'album musical 2
Nederlanda Notities over Muziek Album #2
Pola Komentarz do albumu muzycznego #2
Rusa Примечания к (музыкальному) Альбому №2
Sveda Anteckningar kring ett musikalbum #2
Norvega Anmerkninger om et musikkalbum #2
Germana Notizen zum Musikalbum #2
Turka Bir Müzik Albümden Notlar #2
Hebrea הערות על אלבום מוסיקה # 2
Dana Noter om et musikalbum #2
Angla When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
"When There is More Beauty in the Contrary", Negar and Salim's single released on 1/1/11, is an oud and electric guitar instrumental. It is a portrayal of ancient east versus modern west.

"Combining traditionally dissimilar forces into one cohesive composition", this song reflects its composers' backgrounds in Persian contemporary and progressive rock genres.
1. "Single" = Sencillo ( )
2. "When There is More Beauty in the Contrary" is the name of a music single. But I would be thankful if the translation of the title could be also provided in parenthesis.
3. Oud is a musical instrument = (Laúd árabe)

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Hispana Cuando hay más belleza en lo contrario.
Italia When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
Franca "When there is more beauty in the contrary"
Nederlanda Als er meer schoonheid is in de tegenstelling
Pola Gdy Jest Więcej Piękna w Przeciwieństwach
Sveda When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
Turka When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
Rusa Сингл Негара и Салима
Germana When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
Norvega When There is More Beauty in the Contrary
Dana When there is more Beauty in the Contrary
Hebrea כאשר יש יותר יופי בניגוד
Ĉi tiu tradukpeto estas "nur por signifo".
Angla she will be loved
she will be loved

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Turka Sevilecek
Rumana Ea va fi iubită.
Latina lingvo Ea amabitur.
Hebrea היא תהיה אהובה
Portugala Hóquei è vida
Hóquei è vida

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Hebrea הוקי זה החיים
Hispana Soy siempre fiel a mis principios
Soy siempre fiel a mis principios
La palabra principios aqui funciona como valores, con valores muy fuertes. En femenino todos.

<Admins's remark>

A conjugated verb was added to the line so that the request abides by our submission rules and is now accepted. <Lilian>

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Franca Je suis toujours fidèle à mes ...
Hebrea אני תמיד נאמן לעקרונות שלי
Rusa Я не боюсь ничего
Я не боюсь ничего.

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Brazil-portugala Eu não tenho medo de nada
Latina lingvo Nihil timeo.
Feroa Hvar fanin hevur tu funni hasa mynduna av mær
Hvar fanin hevur tu funni hasa mynduna av mær

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Dana Hvor fanden har du fundet det der billede af mig?
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