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11Traduction - Français-Arabe - Tu me manques beaucoup. Bisous à demain.

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Tu me manques beaucoup. Bisous à demain.
Proposé par cattes
Langue de départ: Français Traduit par Angel60560

Tu me manques beaucoup. Bisous à demain.

أنا أفتقدك كثيرا. قبلاتي الحارة و إلى الغد.

Traduit par kaled34200
Langue d'arrivée: Arabe

أنا أفتقدك كثيرا. قبلاتي الحارة و إلى الغد.
Dernière édition ou validation par NADJET20 - 2 Avril 2008 23:21

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31 Mars 2008 20:07

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This Arabic translation is a mistake! I don't know how it has been approved, but it is wrong. In the translation page someone made a comment on this (in Arabic) and suggested a different and correct translation.

31 Mars 2008 21:25

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Could you please take care of this? Thanks!

CC: elmota

1 Avril 2008 15:03

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ahukamr, what do you suggest the right translation should be? (i cant find the comment you are referring to)

2 Avril 2008 14:03

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Manal Badran (منال بدران) wrote: الترجمة خاطئة والمعنى " انى مشتاق اليك .وانا اقبل يديك"

From the Hebrew translation I have to agree with her.

Another suggestion from "Beauty Bird";
انا اشتاق اليك, حينما اقبل يديك

2 Avril 2008 22:43

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yes i can see that, but you know what? the italian, german, brizilian and french, do not agree with the hebrew, im guessing someone made a mistake and we all built upon it, because the translater in hebrew claims that she has both romanian (source language) and hebrew as her mother tongue, thats something to look into

2 Avril 2008 23:31

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Hello , I agree with you elmota, the arabic traslation is right , I don't see any mistake there, but if it is as ahikamr said, we should alert all the experts in the requested languages , don't you think?

3 Avril 2008 10:58

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Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish and French are all anterior in date to the Hebrew and the Arabic one, so it is up to the hebrew and Arabic expert to edit respective versions according to those I quote above, which are correctly translated from the original text (Romanian)

3 Avril 2008 14:39

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ok i just posted an english translation to the romanian, it has been translated and validated, and it matches the arabic one, hmm, the hebrew one is the one in error