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Traducción - Español-Chino simplificado - Vive el momento.

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Vive el momento.
Propuesto por CHIVIRITAS
Idioma de origen: Español

Vive el momento.
Nota acerca de la traducción
Vive: en presente

Chino simplificado

Traducido por cancanz
Idioma de destino: Chino simplificado

Nota acerca de la traducción
This is a more conservative translation.
The real meaning of it is "时不我待" or "只争朝夕" in Chinese.

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=================by cancanz=====================
Última validación o corrección por pluiepoco - 19 Marzo 2008 06:13

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15 Marzo 2008 14:08

Cantidad de envíos: 12407
Yes, pluiepoco, what is the matter with your notification, could you be a little more explicit?

16 Marzo 2008 09:08

Cantidad de envíos: 1259
I am not sure if the Chinese translation was correct.

The Chinese translation is equivalent to:

Let's exclaim for this moment.

And I doubt if "VIVE EL MOMENTO" meant the same.

16 Marzo 2008 13:35

Cantidad de envíos: 12407
Thanks a lot pluiepoco. I also doubt the "vive" means "let's exclaim", I rather think it means "live" at its imperative form, some Spanish expert should confirm...

CC: Lila F.

16 Marzo 2008 21:08

Cantidad de envíos: 12407
Or maybe guilon? (I saw he's connected right now!)

CC: guilon

16 Marzo 2008 21:38

lilian canale
Cantidad de envíos: 14988
You didn't ask me, but I'll tell you anyway:

The correct verbs in Spanish for "exclaim" are gritar / clamar.

So the sentence should read:

Gritemos / clamemos por este momento.

So, for the sentence "vive el momento", the English version is;

Live the moment

16 Marzo 2008 21:42

Cantidad de envíos: 1549
I agree with "live the moment", it even has the same meaning as "seize the day"

16 Marzo 2008 22:09

Cantidad de envíos: 12407
Thank you both!
So either this translation is edited or it has to be rejected, it is now up to you pluiepoco to chose between these two options.

17 Marzo 2008 01:37

Cantidad de envíos: 1259
Thank you ALL!
Lily's notes happened to be the same with my idea. But several months ago, whisky pointed out that "live the moment" might mean differently from "live for the moment", do they?

And Guilon's explanation reminds me of many things in the old days when I was in berberber. Someone asked for the translation of "seize the moment" into Chinese, and I finally know that they mean the same!

I choose to edit it and add a note below.

17 Marzo 2008 01:59

lilian canale
Cantidad de envíos: 14988

I think that what the requester really meant is that famous:

Carpe Diem

17 Marzo 2008 03:21

Cantidad de envíos: 1259
Yes, Lily!

17 Marzo 2008 11:24

Lila F.
Cantidad de envíos: 159
hi pluiepoco, I think you can edit this translation because the spanish text simply means: carpe diem, live the moment or live now.