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Merhaba birtanem, sen benim ömrümsün...
Podnet od schoonderwalt1959
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Merhaba birtanem, sen benim ömrümsün.
Seni çok ama çok seviyorum ve çok özlüyorum.
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Preveo maki_sindja
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Zdravo dragi, ti si čovek mog života.
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Poslednja provera i obrada od Roller-Coaster - 8 Septembar 2009 21:30

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4 Septembar 2009 14:44

lilian canale
Broj poruka: 14988
Hi Maki,
I know this translation was done long ago and perhaps (as you state in the remarks) you don't know exactly how this "Other languages" issue works.
Let me explain:
Some people wants a text translated into a language that is not listed on Cucumis, therefore s/he targets the request as "other languages", but the requester must state which language it is.( Rule #9 of the submission page)
Many times people make a request into a certain language and also checks the "other language" box, but they don't really want other language than the one chosen. This may be the case of this request.
So the requester didn't really want the text translated into any more language, just into Turkish.
We, translators, can't choose the "other language", it has to be defined by the requester.
The admins try to remove the requests before someone does what you did, I mean for the lack of this information I just gave you, translate the text into a language which was not required.

I hope I was clear enough. If not you may ask any further information about the subject and I'll be pleased to clarify it. As you may have understood, this translation should be removed, but I'm going to flag it as required and let it be evaluated instead so that your effort will not have been lost, OK?

PS: I'll remove this remark you had posted:
Tražen je prevod ovog teksta na "ostale jezike". Ja sam ga prevela na moj maternji, srpski jezik. U slučaju da ovaj prevod bude odbijen, volela bih da mi objasnite kako ide procedura oko prevođenja kada se traže "ostali jezici".

4 Septembar 2009 14:17

Aneta B.
Broj poruka: 4490
Wow! For me it was also very useful explanation... I guess not only for me... Thank you, Lilly!

4 Septembar 2009 14:46

lilian canale
Broj poruka: 14988
You're welcome, Aneta.
I'd be glad if more people took advantage of my explanation

4 Septembar 2009 17:29

Broj poruka: 1208
Thank you Lilian veeery much!

I didn't know this when I was doing this translation but some time ago I found out how it goes.

If I see any request like this one I'll put it in standby and call the admins.

Thank you for the points, too!