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פורטוגזית ברזילאית

1- vídeo: 2016 e a Bíblia (português)
(Astrologia aplicada a interpretação de profecias do Apocalípse.)

video: 2016 and the Bible (english)
(Astrology applied to the interpretation of book of Revelation's prophecies.)

2- kronux

For Astrology. This program was also wrote by me. But you won't download it just to make me happy, you will do so because it is outstanding. Try it and you will see. Easy to use, easy to learn, simple but powerful. You won't regret the trouble. Windows and Linux versions. No need of installation, after unpack do click on [Conf], choose English and save.

obs, The Windows version has a bug and I'm falling to upload the corrected file. To overcome the bug just resize the main window with the mouse (make it smaller).

3- Pleion 1.5

If you would like to practice reading Greek, English, Portuguese, Spanish or French and study the New Testament at the same time, download a program that I've made. The Greek text is the Westcott-Hort plus variants of the 26th. edition of Nestlé-Aland. All the texts in the package are free as well as the program.

Se você gostaria de praticar a leitura de grego, inglês, português, espanhol ou francês e estudar o Novo Testamento ao mesmo tempo, baixe um programa que eu fiz. O texto grego é o de Westcott-Hort mais as variantes da 26a. edição do Nestlé-Aland. Todos os textos do pacote são gratuitos assim como o programa.

4- The Earth is growing!

YouTube video about an interesting theory about why the continents seems to have the same form in both sides of the seas. It's clear with South America and Africa but the author shows, through computer animation that, if the Earth had 1/4 of its today's surface area (1/2 of its diameter) the continents would fit in the Pacific ocean, and in the others. I'm buying this theory although I think that today's physics can't entirely explain how it works. Well, todays physics can't explain a lot of things.

5- World news in Ancient Greek