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11 أيلول 2005 10:04  

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Hello, thanks for your help!
Don't forget not to add a point at the end of the translations if there is not in the original text. The "%d" "%s" and other ones are litle strings that will be dynamically replaced when building the html pages, so they must be kept unchanged in the translations.
Good luck!

11 أيلول 2005 10:07  

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Thanks for the advice!
It's a pleasure to help!

18 أيلول 2005 12:35  

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As you can see, the italian version is online. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

20 أيلول 2005 10:55  

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Hi, and thanks for the quick reply as usual, and for having given me the possibility to modifiy my translations. I already started checking, and I will finish as quickly as I can... sorry if today I'm slow but we are having a strike here at the airport so we try to get things going a bit..

Greetings n wishes for a nice day,

28 أيلول 2005 15:35  

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Dear Lele,
I'm translator of English-Arabic language and ready to help any members to translate any text concern with this feild.
with pleasure


3 تشرين الثاني 2005 09:58  

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Hi it is very interesting did you know all this languages?

3 تشرين الثاني 2005 11:39  

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Hi, I have a big passion for foreign languages, and I've been studying them since I was so young. Now I started getting interested in Arabic and Turkish... but my level is not so good... so if u see any mistakes, please correct me. I'm happy to imporove!

5 تشرين الثاني 2005 17:24  

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Do you also understand Dutch??? How many languages can really understand??? :
I have only 4 common languages: Dutch, French, German, and English, but I think you have more common languages

7 تشرين الثاني 2005 18:31  

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Lele, bana arapça konusunda yardım edebilirmisin?

تساعدني بموضوع اللغة العربية من فضلك...ليلي

9 تشرين الثاني 2005 21:36  

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Merci beaucoup pour cette traduction.

14 تشرين الثاني 2005 17:59  

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por favor que significa saknar charlote,obrigado.

19 كانون الاول 2005 18:34  

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Hi Lele,
For short words I think you can use your dictionnary to translate in many languages, but as soon as it is a sentence, it's very difficult and only fluent or native language speaker can make it.
Anyway, as I see you like this very much, I don't want to make you unhappy. If you really want to translate complex sentences and when you are not absolutly sure of your translation (as you can be with italian), I advise you only post the translation as a discussion in the message board concerning the translation. I'm sure that pluiepoco or other chinese people will answer to you.
We can have discussion about translations on the forums but don't forget that the translation section of cucumis is not a training place .
Let me know what do you think of this.

19 كانون الاول 2005 18:19  

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I understand well what you mean, and I'm sorry if my translation in Chinese are not up to the standard.
From now on I'll limit myself traducing complex things only in the languages I'm really fluent in.

The very last thing I wanna create is inconvenience, but I want you to know I am not using the site as a training place and translating is not something "making me happy", I just try to help because I really like the idea of this site and always will. I always had a great respect for this site, and for every user, and I will continue this way.

I will welcome any feedback from u on this issues, for now let pls accept my regards and my Xmas wishes in advance, just in case we don't have other occasions of contacting each other before the 25th.


19 كانون الاول 2005 18:37  

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Thank you Lele, merry christmas to you too.
PS: "make you happy" was due to the limitations of my poor english vocabulary

21 كانون الاول 2005 06:52  

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Dear Lele,

Please stop your translation from any language into Chinese, because you're causing troubles.

And I have to spend more time to correct yours, but I'm too busy, and your inaction could be more appreciated by me personally.


Best Regards,

29 كانون الاول 2005 01:04  

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Hello dear Lele I want your suggestions about this translation from German to Italian please.


28 كانون الاول 2005 15:12  

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Dear me
Please copy this link into the address bar of the browser

1 نيسان 2008 22:55  

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ola Lele yo se que el tailandes es el idioma mas complejo del mundo en traducirlo por lo que veo el 2008 se ha convertido en todo un boom,pues he visto todo el almacen de esta weeb,ya que ellos estan mirando el occidente como algo atractivo.
mira yo se que toma mucho tiempo traducir un idioma a otro y se necesita mucha capacitacion,te agradeceria que tu me tradujeras al menos entendible,y esto es:

Hola — somwa...¿cómo estás?, gracias por el interés de aprender otros idiomas, así podrás conocer el Perú y visitarme uhm y también por aceptarme. Te quiero. Oye, te envío un millón de besos.
Un amigo,

gracias Lele.